Unimatic U2-NC – Antarctica Explorer

Yes, here is another amazing release from the same brand that created Spongebob timepiece. New watch named as Unimatic U2-NC. This is a Limited Edition series which should be available from now on. It looks amazing, features good specs, so where is the hint? We decided to take a closer look.
Here you can read about previous release dedicated to Spongebob.
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Frozen One

New watch is based on completely different design. While previous model had its roots in U1, this time we get U2 version. First one was diver-styled watch and here we have military timepiece which looks as sleek as previous release. Clean lines, simple design create great composition together. Limited Edition comes in the new color combination which won’t be available to “simple” watches.

Stonewashed olive case color looks amazing on photos and I wonder what it would look like in reality. Add to this deep blue dial and you get perfect combination for everyday use. Don’t worry about bright orange strap – there is also dark blue in the package. Such alternative might come handy if you plan to wear this watch with suit.

I am not sure on case weathered look. From one side it is cool, but from another – why we can’t do the same by ourselves? It would give truly unique piece because hardly anyone would be able to recreate the same scratches. I guess such beaten look suits Nigel Cabourn brand philosophy. Note that piece number is engraved on the rear cover. You will also find Antarctica map there. 😉

Unimatic U2-NC Rear Cover

Unimatic U2-NC – Availability

There will be only 150 pieces produced. Well, it sounds more than previous 50 pieces for U-1SS, right? Yes and no. New watch will be available only via Nigel Cabourn selected stores. There is no possibility to order U2-NC from Unimatic website, so you will have to find a way to get one. Guess what? This brand has stores mostly in Japan, Korea and China, so it is not such an easy task to buy new release. Moreover, watch is not available on Cabourn website. In my opinion that’s sad because it might be difficult buying new watch while you are in Europe.

Nevertheless, when small challenge stopped true watch fan, huh? Hurry, 150 pieces won’t stay on shelves for too long.

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