Casio MRG-G2000HT-1ADR Hands On Munichtime 2017

Today we are going to share with you video and pics with latest Casio MRG watch – Casio MRG-G2000HT-1ADR. We had a chance to play with it on Munichtime 2017. First of all I would like to remind that we didn’t have a chance to try those watches in Basel due to tight schedule. Neverhteless, I was quite interested in MRG series, so here we are.
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Ultimate Toughness

Casio MRG-G2000HT-1ADR is worth our attention because this is an ultimate MRG. There is no any other model, which is more detailed and more expensive. Moreover, model offers several new features, which should come handy in real life. First of all this is a chrono watch, so you get three subdials with all necessary info. Now take a careful look at bezel – do you notice this unusual pattern. Well, manufacturer names this model as Hammertone, and it is because of this finish. All those recessions were carefully applied by Japanese masters. This method mimics old technique, which was used on dishes and jewelry. As you can guess, manual application of the pattern guarantees that there won’t be another similar watch. You get true exclusive, which was finished with somebody’s hands.

Just like this wasn’t enough, the same technique used on other elements as well. For example, you will find it on bracelet links. Such decision brings visual interest to overall appearance. Moreover, dark color is obviously good for such technique. Just take a look at photos – light plays around all those tiny spots. By the way, whole bracelet is made out of titanium! Of course, all parts have DLC coating, what makes dark color stand out in the bright light. As manufacturer claims, that shade reminds of Indigo color.

Special Inside?

As for the contents, new watch should also surprise with its functions. First of all I will say that it comes with quartz movement, what is typical for all G-Shock timepieces. Nevertheless, such version is useful for handy functions in this watch. As you can see on the video, it can be synchronized with your phone. No, you won’t get any notification or other extras. Instead you can use precise time-keeping and easy timezone changing. Just one tap on the screen – and your watch will show different timezone! Another noticeable thing – implementation of the new-gen motors inside, what gives fast and smooth movement. In other words you won’t have to wait until all hands will stand in right place. This process is quite quick and looks impressive in person. Well, you can see it on the video as well.

No, you won’t find any other extra functions such as compass or altimeter. Casio MRG-G2000HT-1ADR is more focused on timekeeping than on some other bonuses. Well, maybe it is good, who knows. By the way, watch is charged with help of solar element. In other words you won’t have to bother with battery change or any other possible issue. Watch will be also intact after lying still for a long time.

Ultimate Choice

Casio MRG-G2000HT-1ADR price tag brings this watch in a quite interesting market segment. We can all agree that 7400 EUR should make your choice quite wide. Well, here is the question of your needs. Which movement do you need, what functions would you prefer on your wrist? I think that new model will attract G-Shock fans, who would like to have something special without “betraying” their favorite brand. Moreover, interesting to see new finish on the elements. I think it would be cool to implement them on “cheaper” versions as well. Oh yeah, there is one option already – MRG-G2000HB-1ADR, which has simple finish only on bezel.

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