Biatec Corsair Hands On

Ok, ok, I will admit it first – I didn’t know about this company before, and decided to try their models on Brno Watch Expo 2017. In this article I would like to talk about Biatec Corsair, one of their latest releases. Manufacturer markets this model as a pilot’s watch with vintage design. As you can guess, name hints on famous F4 Corsair. Well, let’s take a closer look at what it has to offer.
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Shiny Wings

First of all it is hard to miss sunray finish on the dial. I would say it’s one of the main features that really catches attention. Moreover, it’s difficult not to agree that such finish looks good on wrist. Dial comes in several colors, what leaves you something to choose. Of course, blue one is the best in my opinion. You can see it on photos as well. Note that overall design is quite “clean”, so there are no extra indices or other elements that might break composition. Logo, line name and digits – all that makes watch truly classy looking.

By the way, note that all writings come in white color. It doesn’t matter if you would pick white or blue dial, letters and digits will be white. The only thing that can differ – digits wrapping, which can be gold or silver. In my opinion, silver option looks nice on Biatec Corsair.

Sleek fuselage

Case is also important in Corsair design. Here it is finished in minimalistic style, so that nothing will distract you from the sunray dial. 🙂 External finish comes with nice polish, what makes model look masculine and elegant at the same time. Another surprise comes in form of several colors – black and silver. Both look equally beautiful, so it will be up to you which one to choose. While black is more “stealth” variant, silver should come handy even as “dress watch”.

Well, some might say that all those features are ok, but why is it pilot watch? Take a look at crown – it is quite difficult not to notice it. Such onion-shape and size were typical for pilot watches, and here it comes in full beauty. I am quite surprised that it doesn’t break overall appearance. Moreover, polished finish adds to appeal, but I wonder how long it will stay without scratches.

Another aviation thing on Biatec Corsair hides in the rear part. Yes, rotor mimics propeller and can be seen through transparent caseback. Nice small touch, which uses rotation movement in quite original interpretation. 🙂


Biatec Corsair is already available for purchase. Around 1400 EUR nets you nice watch with aviation design and Swiss movement inside. Nevertheless, this price tag also moves Slovak watch into quite tricky category with different competitors. Moreover, there are some interesting aviation-themed alternatives too. In other words, I would recommend to try this model in person in order to understand if it is your cup of tea or not. 🙂

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