Sinn 1800 S GG DAMASZENER – Different Steel

Today we are going to talk about another interesting watch from German watchmaker. New Sinn 1800 S GG DAMASZENER comes as truly surprising release which looks completely different from what we’ve seen before. Well, simple name tells us about the main feature – Damascus steel. This material was used for almost all parts in the watch, and I have to say that final result looks impressive. Sinn doesn’t hesitate to experiment with various materials, so it will be interesting to see what new release has to offer. Let’s take a closer look together.
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As you remember, all external elements here are made out of Damascus steel, but I suggest to start traditionally from the dial. It comes in beautiful dark color with typical white curves, which we are used to see on Damascus steel knives. These waves look a bit hypnotic, but I am more than sure that there won’t be two identical watches. Such material helps Sinn to create truly unique timepieces.

Special appearance is also enhanced with help of 18K applied indices and hands. Note that all those elements are also covered with luminous layer, so you won’t have any issues with legibility in night. Moreover, all writings are also applied, what creates special look and helps avoid ugly prints on such beautiful material. There is sapphire glass on top of all this, so there is nothing to worry about.


It won’t be wrong to say that dial and case are unified here. Well, they are made out of the same steel block, and this was done intentionally. German masters decided to keep the whole appearance unified and lines on the dial continue on the case part. It looks unusual and shows attention to small details. In my opinion it is a great idea which makes whole image a bit more solid. Note that even crown is made out of special steel.

The same can be said about rear cover, so you won’t be able to see the movement inside. Case size equals to 43mm and weight is just 78g. In other words it is a reasonably-sized watch. Sinn 1800 S GG DAMASZENER would look fine on typical man’s wrist, but I would suggest to try it if you have thin wrist. The only question is whether you would have a chance to try it in advance. 😀

Movement and Strap

Inside Sinn installed SW300-1 automatic movement. It is a swiss-made caliber which features around 42 hours power reserve. Movement is just fine, and should be ok in everyday use.

As for the strap, German brand supplies two leather options – black and brown. In the box you will also find all necessary tools which you will need for exchanging the straps on your watch.

Sinn Sinn 1800 S GG DAMASZENER – Availability

New release should be available immediately. Nevertheless, you should keep in mind that this watch comes as Limited Edition, and there will be only 100 pieces produced. I have no doubt that they will be sold out quickly, so it is better to hurry up if you want such special watch in your collection. Sinn succeeded in creating something unusual, and I hope that they will use this material in some other models too.

The only thing that I would like to add is that watchmaker could have added a special knife in the package. Steel is supplied by German manufacturer, so it won’t be a difficult thing to do. Nevertheless, the whole effect would be even more impressive. 🙂

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