Sinn 104 St Sa A B E Review

Today we are going to talk about another novelty from Inhorgenta 2020. Meet the new Sinn 104 St Sa A B E. Under this quite strange name you will find fresh limited edition from the famous German watchmaker. This time it received new blue color and will come in limited number. We had a chance to check this watch closer, so let’s talk in detail.
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Main thing here is the gorgeous blue dial and bezel. I recommend to check video-report above so that you can see how this sunburst finish “plays” on the bright light. I was surprised with how perfectly this color matched classic 104 style. Just take a look at photos and you will understand what I am talking about.

Blue looks right in place here, there is no chance somebody will guess this is special release unless they are watch fans. In my opinion this is a great advantage because there are no elements which tell the world about this Limited Edition.

Blue dial matched with ivory-colored indices and numerals. Note that outline of those elements still comes in white and creates beautiful color combination. German attention to details can be symbolized by date window – it is perfectly in place here, it is legible and it looks like it must have been here. This is what I like about 104 – simple, yet handy design.

Pilot Tool

Yes, Sinn 104 St Sa A B E marketed as pilot watch. Special features include pilot bezel and antimagnetic finish. Don’t search for any complications here – this watch is about simplicity.

It might sound weird, but new edition perfectly fits into toolwatch category without using any additional features. This timepiece might be a perfect choice for one watch collection because it will look good in every possible situation.


You might notice textile straps on the photos. Well, it is not that simple, because straps are actually combined out of two layers – leather and canvas. Yes, it is a bit on stiff side, but such design should be more durable.

In my opinion 104 deserves good quality ZULU, so it would be good idea to have one. Note that Sinn includes two straps in different colors, what should be more than enough for casual use.

Sinn 104 St Sa A B E – Conclusion

As it was mentioned in the beginning, new watch will be produced in limited numbers. There will be only 1000 pieces and I have no doubt they will sell out fast. Price is more than reasonable for such timepiece, and there are few comparable watches in this segment.

Do you remember green 104 last year? Well, this is pretty much the same story. There is no wonder those limited editions are so popular – for reasonable price you get beautiful design combined with small production number. I recommend to hurry if you want to get one. 🙂

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