Casio G-Shock G-Lide GBX100 Review

This time we are going to talk about Casio G-Shock G-Lide GBX100. I decided to publish it after GBD100 to show the difference between two. Note that they feature the same display technology what makes them interesting “brothers”. New model comes as special series for surfers, so it is interesting to take a closer look at such watch.
Read about GBD-100 here.
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New GBX100 should be available in three colors – white, black and teal. Note that white version still features black case, what makes it kinda strange combo. As for our review, we test teal watch which looks unusual for G-Shock.

Well, there is no wonder it is quite popular on the market and sold out in many shops. G-Lide looks different in such color and I hope we will see more options in the future.

Unlike GBD100, today’s model offers angular style, like it or not. Watch might look big, but in reality it measures 46mm. It is quite light with 66g weigh, so you won’t have a problem wearing watch everyday.

The most notable feature is stainless steel bezel part with rough brushing on the surface. It stays the same on all three colors. I think this is one of key features on the watch, and I like it.


Just like GBD100, we get MIP (Memory In Pixel) display which offers higher resolution and better image quality. This should help with legibility and information arrangement on the display. Whole area is somewhat squarish on the new watch, so it fits a lot of stuff at once.

Display is covered with mineral glass here. I know, everybody wants to see sapphire today, but this decision was taken in order to keep the final price down. Moreover, case edges rise around the display what adds extra protection.

As for night mode, Casio included Super Illuminator feature here. It lights up whole display, so legibility is good even the dark. Such technology looks way better than traditional LED somewhere in the corner of the dial.


Watch comes with classic resin or rubber strap. It is not too hard and easy to flex around your wrist. Buckle features double pin lock which is quick to close even with one hand.

Note that this strap will be hard to change for something alternative, so you won’t have a lot of options here.


This is classic G-Shock, so you can expect all sport functions inside. As I wrote in the beginning, Casio G-Shock G-Lide GBX100 is aimed at surfers, so as extra bonus you would get tide tracking and sunset/sunrise indication. I guess these features might come handy for surfing, right? 🙂

Another thing to note – connection with mobile phone. Just download the special app and it will help you set up the right time, set the alarm and other things – all from phone display. There is even sleep tracker inside. I guess it has to do with motion sensor in the watch.

In Use

As it was mentioned before, GBX100 is quite light, so you don’t feel it after several minutes on your wrist. Resin band is quite flexible, so it should be fine even for thin wrists. Big buttons are easy to find without looking, but they still require some extra pressure in order to avoid accidental pushes.

I like how new display looks on this watch. It is legible in any condition, so you won’t have issues even in the dark. The only thing that might bother some – glass, which can be scratched easily.

I can say that teal color looks great in real life and it is the one I would pick out of three. Black might be suitable for fans of strict look and white…well, I am not sure who would pick white. Another question is how long white will stay white after extreme use…

Phone connection is a great feature and it completely changes perception of GBX100. Instead of classic G-Shock watch, you would get smart companion which can display notifications and set time with help of special app. All this is done via Bluetooth, so there are no difficulties in setting up connection and managing the watch from app. I don’t know about you, but it still feels strange when you press button on your phone and watch hands start to move around. 😀

There are no charging ports anywhere, watch works from the classic battery. I guess it should last around year or two if you will be actively using all the functions inside. Well, it is not difficult to find such battery and you won’t have to think whether you took charger with you.

Note that in video-review we included several shots with woman’s wrist to show you that today’s model is unisex. 🙂

Casio G-Shock G-Lide GBX100 Price

New GBX100 should be available for 160 USD, price stays the same for all colors. In my opinion it looks great and has all the chances to become classic among G-Shock fans. It is good to see Casio trying new designs and I hope they will offer new colors soon.

Another good thing is the new display technology which is pleasure to look at. Such “dial” looks modern and fits way more information. Add here phone connection and you get simple alternative to all these smartwatches on the market. Some people don’t need sophisticated tech and new watch might be a great choice for such buyers.


  • Shock-resistant
  • Smartphone link functions: automatic time adjustment, easy watch setting (world time for over 300 cities + original point, home time/world time switching, alarm setting, localized calendar setting), reminder setting, time and place log, phone finder
  • Tide graph
  • Moon data
  • Distance measurement
  • Step tracker
  • Dual Time
  • 1/100-second stopwatch
  • Multi timer
  • Daily alarm
  • Auto LED backlight (Super Illuminator)
  • 200-meter water resistance

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