Casio G-Shock GMD-B800 Review

Somehow recent releases from one Japanese brand caught my attention, so I finally decided to buy Casio G-Shock GMD-B800. This model is part of so-called G-Squad series, but the most interesting facts are hidden in specs sheet. Just take a look at it – phone connection, step counter, several color series – and all these for quite affordable price. New watch is cheaper than G-Lide we reviewed before, but you get slightly different display here. Let’s find out if it is a worthy alternative for these who would like to save a bit.
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As it was mentioned before, new model brings slightly different display technology. This is not an MIP as in more expensive GBD-100, and therefore we get sections defined with plastic overlay on the dial. Of course, main area is given to time/date display. Circle serves as step counter indicator and bluetooth display. Small text area will be showing various status messages and day of the week.

Overall legibility is excellent, I didn’t have any problem with this display type. There might be less WOW-effect in comparison with MIP LCD, but it is still a viable option.


Unlike G-Lide, and more like GBD-100, this one comes with circular case. Moreover, Casio decided to reduce the size in order to attract women. Now case measures 45 mm with 52 g weight. I would call it unisex, but it looks good both on man’s and woman’s wrist. Yes, case is a bit tall – 15.5 mm, but I doubt that somebody will decide to wear such timepiece with suit. 😀 By the way, water protection is clocked at 200m. Rear case back is metal, so you won’t see anything through it.

Pastel Series brings calm colors – green, pink and grey. Writings are not that evident and I consider this as great advantage over other versions. Display background also changes with case color. By the way, display is covered with mineral glass here. Note that buttons stay gray on all three versions. Such combo looks nice, not too bright and screamy. If you like brighter versions – try two other color combos where classic black case is combined with bright green strap.

Buttons are quite big here, so it is not a problem to press them in gloves. There are four buttons on the sides – two on each side, plus one more under display. Overall layout is classic for G-Shock, functions are clearly printed on the dial. As you can guess, big writing shows quick press function and red small font writing hints on the long-press function.


As you can guess, inside we get quartz movement number 3486. Well, it is classic thing for G-Shock watches, so there is no surprise. Let’s talk about connection functions instead. This watch can be synchronized with your phone daily. Such function will be handy for step count as well as time\alarm setting. Just download the app, pair your phone with B-800 and you are good to go. Here you will find such funny function as “find my phone” which is really handy in case you always forget your device somewhere.

Long press of “START” button turns on pairing mode and watch starts searching for your phone. Don’t forget to turn on bluetooth! App itself is quite easy to navigate, you can see the process in video-review.


B-800 comes with classic rubber strap. It is comfortable to wear and features small dots which should reduce overall contact surface and let your skin breath.

Note that just like in some other G-Shock models, we get special grey “brackets”. These won’t let you put the watch flat, but on the other side they ensure better fit on your wrist.

In Use

Watch comes in light-colored box and metal container. Both are traditional for G-Shock series. Inside you get various papers, while B-800 is packed into plastic bag and fixed in foam. Setup procedure is not difficult, but if it’s your first G-Shock watch – read manual to understand overall controls layout and setting sequence. I also recommend to do the phone pairing at the same time, so that you have everything set up to track your steps and control the watch.

Overall comfort is on the top level, thanks to rubber band and smaller case size. Yes, watch still looks imposing, but small weight is as surprising as with other G-Shock models. I have to note that ladies with thin wrist might have problems with strap sticking out from the watch. Cutting this extra rubber section might help. For example, you can see in video that watch is fastened on the last “hole” and sits just right, but strap looks weird. Wrist size here is 14.5 cm.

Whole phone synchronization is not a bad feature to have. If you are not fan of smartwatches, but still want to try something smart, this might be a good choice. Note that unlike more expensive models, we don’t get notifications display here. Well, at least you can track your step count and set the right time without clicking buttons in a special magical sequence.

Casio G-Shock GMD-B800 – Price

Straight to the point – price tag for this watch will be set at 120 USD and it is very interesting offering. For this money you will get a decent design with useful feature set. Yes, it comes in slightly “younger”styling, but I wouldn’t name it as disadvantage. Moreover, watch is smaller than typical round G-Shocks, what should attract ladies too.

The only thing you will have to decide – color version. There are plenty of them already. Well, definitely take a look at this pastels color line which comes in soft paint shades.

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