Casio Edifice EF527D-3AVUEF Review

Finally we are back to reviews and this article will be dedicated to Casio Edifice EF527D-3AVUEF. Today’s watch comes as yet another version of the well-known chronograph from Japanese brand. We missed the initial release, so it will be interesting to do two good things at the same time – check the new color as well as the watch itself. I decided to start with the green version, while the blue one will be covered in the separate article later. On the first sight it is a classic pilot chronograph, and there is no need to say what exactly this design is reminiscent of. Let’s take a closer look together and see what is offered in this nice “package”.
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I would like to start with the main novelty here – beautiful green dial. It is important to say that original photos don’t do the justice, and it is better to see the watch in person. Official shots didn’t even catch my attention, and that’s why I was seriously surprised when I saw the chrono in Helveti.

The same can be said about the blue color too, but I think I need more time with the second version. Note that new color “applies” to the whole dial, so there are no black or white sections anywhere. The only white-colored thing is the date window (placed at 3″ position), but I wouldn’t count it as a huge problem on such watch.

I hope you remember that we deal with chronograph watch here, so whole dial is literally filled with various indices and digits. There is also a slide rule function which might come handy for doing various calculations. It is easy to control with the separate crown on the left side. We will talk about this later though. Each hour index is represented with chromed part, so it should be easy to check the time. Both hands are also relatively large, while stopwatch function features big red part for easier tracking.

Of course, we get luminescent coating here, so dial should be readable even in the dark conditions. Casio used mineral glass for this watch. Such element works fine and that’s something you would expect in this price range, but I would recommend to be careful in order to avoid possible scratches.


Casio Edifice EF527D-3AVUEF comes in polished steel case. I would recommend to be careful with the watch if you want to avoid the scratches. Nevertheless, for some owners this might be something what adds the story to the watch. This is relatively small chrono – case size is 45.5mm and the thickness is 11.4mm. Weight is also in reasonable numbers – just 157g.

Overall layout is classic for pilot chrono – two pushers and crown on the right side plus extra crown for the sliding rule on the left side. “Main” crown comes as screwdown part with protection from both sides. All elements are easy to operate, even with my fingers.

Water protection is set at 100m, so it should be fine for casual swimming. Rear cover is a metal part here, but there is no surprise as the watch is based on Quartz movement. Here we can move on to the next section.

Bracelet and Movement

Metal bracelet comes as standard accessory with this watch. I have to note the quality, as it is surprisingly good and doesn’t feel cheap. This is something you not often see in more expensive watches. As for the movement, we get a Quartz caliber 4369 which should be familiar to all fans of Japanese brand. Casio claims that battery life will be enough for two years of work.

In Use

First of all I have to note that on photos I wear watch with unadjusted bracelet, hence the “lower” positioning on the wrist. Nevertheless, it is surprisingly comfortable to wear, and I think it should work fine on the average man’s wrist. Bracelet is also easy to operate, plus there is a safety lock which should help you avoid accidental opening. The only thing that you should keep in mind – polished case and bracelet sections. I have no doubt that they will catch some scratches in active use.

As for the legibility, I have to say that it is quite good, even though the dial might look busy at the first sight. Your eyes will get used to it in no time and then it takes one look to see what time is it. White date indicator doesn’t “jump out” of the dial, and note that amount of writings is reduced to the possible minimum. I am glad to see that Casio didn’t print the whole features list here.

Casio Edifice EF527D-3AVUEF – Price and Availability

Both new colors should be already available. Price will be set at approximately 180USD, and that sounds quite reasonable for what you get. There is no wonder that today’s watch is quite popular on different markets. See it yourself – small price will give you a nice timepiece which doesn’t look or feel cheap. Moreover, it comes with metal bracelet out of the box, something what is not often met in this price range. Such design won’t get old, and EF527D can be a good everyday choice which will look great with any outfit.

With all this being said, I want to remind you that there are more options for the dial. Somehow Casio managed to pick interesting colors which look great in person. For now the green would remain my favorite, but who knows what we will see in 2022, right? 😀

Photos and video made by Katarina Mullina

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