Watches for Christmas 2020

Today we are going to talk about what to pick for Christmas 2020. Holidays are almost here, so let’s make it quick and easy by defining 5 main timepieces that might be worth gifting. I would try to cover all price categories except of ultra-expensive watches. There is no need to explain why, right?
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1. Seiko SPB129J1

This Limited Edition watch from Japanese brand caught my attention immediately. Classic design, limited run and modern caliber inside – all this comes with nice price tag around 900USD. In my opinion SPB129J1 might be a perfect choice for a one-watch-collection. Moreover, it can be handy in everyday use if you are ready to care for polished surfaces on the case. The only catch is that you have to hurry because this model comes in limited amount.
Full review here.

2. Casio GBX100

From classic design we come straight to digital novelty from Casio. This model brought fresh look at traditional G-Shock styling together with new tech inside. All this priced at 200USD and should come handy for all sport fans. You will find step counter, phone connectivity and even tide indicator inside. All this doesn’t need charging everyday, what makes GBX100 even more attractive. At the moment watchmaker offer three colors and I would pick the teal version.
Read more about this watch here.

3. Bulova Hack Watch

Bulova surprised us with 2020 releases, and here you can see one of them. Copy of original military watch comes in small size, but looks serious on your wrist. It might work as unisex timepiece, but I see it more as a men’s timepiece. Build quality is at the top level and this is the watch where you are free to try different strap styles. 🙂 Only one color version available and you should be ready to pay 450USD for Hack Watch.
More information and video with this watch here.

4. Certina DS-1

It would be strange to see such list without any Swiss watch included, right? Well, here it is. In my opinion, Certina DS-1 offers great value for reasonable price. Add here modern movement inside and all this sounds like a great choice. Metal bracelet is easy to adjust due to custom Certina design, so watch sits nicely on any wrist. Price tag should be fixed around 850USD, so it is a fine amount for Swiss watch in elegant case. Nevertheless, such timepiece might require due care because of polished case. This is nice dress watch, but I would be careful in everyday use. 🙂
You can read about how this watch fares in real life here.

5. Obaku Papir

Surprise! We are going to finish with this simple and affordable watch which comes with impressive thickness. There are few other watches that can offer such slim (4.9mm) case and it looks impressive in real life. Moreover, some men (or women) might like this bracelet-like feeling, which is different from typical sense we get while wearing traditional watch. There are several colors available, so you will definitely find something suitable for your style. Price tag should be fixed at 200USD.

Holidays are Coming!

I hope you will find something interesting here and pick it as a gift. All these five watches offer great value and interesting features, but you won’t have to spend a fortune. Feel free to write your opinion in the comments section below and I would see you next time. 🙂

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