Casio Edifice EFR-S108D Watch Review

Today we are going to talk about another stainless steel sports watch – Casio Edifice EFR-S108D. Well, the actual model name is even longer, but let’s agree to call it this way. Under such designation you will find quite nice combination of steel case and “clean” dial with some useful features. Add here attractive price tag and it all sounds like an offer you won’t be able to refuse. Well, for me it was interesting to see whether it is truly that impressive in person. That’s why in this review we are going to discuss what makes this watch worth your attention and why it might be a good Christmas gift for yourself. 🙂
Note that watch is supplied in typical Casio packaging and there are no special bonuses inside. Well, at least watch pouch looks unusual with those perforations in the leather. Other than that you won’t get any extra steps, but it is really strange to expect such bonuses for the price which is asked for this watch.
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I said it in the video and I will repeat myself again here – this is quite simple and elegant dial. Yes, it will make you want this watch or hate it with all of your heart. But if you look at it a bit more carefully, such thing will never get old and also gives you legible format even in compact size.

The only thing required from you is to decide which color you would like to have. In case of today’s review I decided to go with so-called “Tiffany” color or light-blue shade. There is no additional effect here such as sunray or chrome polishing, just plain solid color. I would say that is actually the feature of this design. 🙂

Another detail which is hard to miss – applied indices. Those are relatively big and easy to find on the dial. All of them are covered with luminous layer, so you will be able to see them in dark as well. Chrome body for each of them might look a bit too “blingy” for some, but in my opinion it is fine for this design. For me it is interesting to see complete absence of digits on the dial.

Well, the only are where you will find some digits is the date window. It is quite simple in terms of design cues. Don’t expect any special framing or magnifying sections here. Moreover, the size is not that big, but I am happy to see that index alignment is not affected by date indicator. It is worth mentioning that Edifice logo is printed on the dial. In the lower section you will find small list of features, which could be even smaller to have a better-looking result, not the specs sheet on your wrist.

Handset is classic – large sabre-like hours and minutes hands together with thin seconds hand. Main parts are quite easy to find plus there is a section of luminous area on each. Third thin part is a bit more difficult to see, especially on bright sunlight. It looks elegant, yes, but this is definitely not a stopwatch ideal.

I think separate word should be said again about darktime legibility. It is surprisingly good here, thanks to large indices and hands. Frankly speaking, I don’t expect such feature from this type of timepiece – sports stainless steel watch for affordable price. That’s why it is really great to see Casio going extra mile and adding such thing.


Stainless steel sports watch won’t be a genre of its own without typical angular design and some exposed screws on the case. All those things are present here, and you can see them on the photos. Casio Edifice EFR-S108D manages to combine several types of surface finish as well as smart design. Angular top plate sits on top of the main case, but still whole watch manages to be only 7.8mm thin. This number might look not that impressive, but I recommend to check the video to see how crazy thin it is. Add here 110g weight, and you will get a good choice for everyday use.

Another great surprise here is in the level of quality. All parts sit tight, brushed surface looks as good as polished edges. Oh, and look, all screws are properly aligned out of factory. It might sounds too simple, but some brands still manage to fail this task. Polished surfaces might require some due care, as they are easy to scratch, but this is not a surprise for us, right?

Note that crown is placed in between protection, which might be actually useful to preserve this small part. Crown itself might looks too small, but I didn’t have any problem with operation. It is pull-out design without any screwdown tightening. Note that on the top of crown you will find Edifice logo.

It can be also found on the rear solid caseback. As you remember, we are dealing with quartz watch, so there is nothing to show inside.


On this cue we can talk about what caliber is installed in the watch. Well, for this price you can’t expect some complicated mechanism, but we still get trusty 5359 Quartz caliber. It should be reliable in everyday use, so there is nothing to complain about. As you remember, we get all basic functions including the date window on the dial. Hacking is also here, so you can stop the movement with pulling out the crown.


As you might have noticed, Casio Edifice EFR-S108D comes with steel bracelet out of the box. All other color versions also features the same option. Of course, there are no alternatives in the standard package, but it would be strange to expect them for this price. Well, the same can be said about the quality of the bracelet. It is rather lightweight, but overall finish looks fine and compliments the overall design of the watch. Adjusting is also classic, so you will need a special tool for that. On the buckle you will find Edifice logo.

As for the alternative options, I am not even sure on what to advice. Standard bracelet is attached via middle link, so you will have to find special compatible strap. Well, I can see such watch on rubber band, while nato or zulu options won’t look in place here.

In Use

Here I have to say first that watch bracelet wasn’t adjusted and some of the film covers weren’t removed, and you might notice it on the photos. Nevertheless, even in this case it is enough to understand how Edifice wears and what might be the issue.

I think the main showstopper feature here is the size and weight. Watch just becomes unnoticeable on your wrist after several hours of wearing. Small thickness makes it more of bracelet than classic watch, but it is also easy to hide under the sleeve. Low profile doesn’t catch anything and looks sleek in real life. It is also great that almost all surfaces are in brushed finish, what should make watch a bit more durable in everyday life. Of course, sapphire glass will come handy too. Even with my big fingers I managed to operate the crown. Maybe it is also due to lack of so-fashionable but useless screwdown design. 🙂

As for the dial, I think we can agree that such style will never get old. While I don’t have a doubt that soon all brands will find something different from steel sports watch genre, this dial will make you happy several years later. Our watch features quite bright color shade which might be not up for your taste, but there are also other options available. Dark Green and Blue look great in person, so I recommend to check them as well.

In all three color options you can expect clean and clear layout with large indices and hands. Moreover, even additional writings don’t complicate the styling. Date window is also not too irritating, so you just have to decide which color you would like to see on your wrist.

Casio Edifice EFR-S108D – Price and Availability

So, to get things clear – this watch will cost around 140USD for all three possible color options. Yes, there is no mistake in the price, and that actually makes today’s Edifice even more interesting. In my opinion it is a great choice for everyday use in case you don’t need unnecessary bling or brand awareness. Here we get nice quality and very compact layout which won’t feel like something huge.

As I said in the video-review, some people were saying that this watch is a new rival of Tissot PRX. Well, it all depends as usual. First of all, we get almost 2x price difference and this also highlights the difference in some of the things. For example, even quality of the bracelet is noticeable. Second, in my opinion those two watches can nicely coexist in the same collection as both look great and offer you slightly different visual image.

I think that Casio Edifice EFR-S108D will get even more color options in the future. This design just begs for more options, and it would be a shame if manufacturer will miss such a chance. Nevertheless, if you are fine with current options, I recommend to check them in person. Each of the three can offer nice appearance for reasonable price, and you can make a good present for yourself on Christmas. All this will not destroy your bank account even if you get all three at once. 🙂

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