Meistersinger Edition 366 Review

Today we are going to talk about something completely special – new Meistersinger Edition 366. This watch was unveiled on recent Inhorgenta 2020 exhibition. New model celebrates leap year and comes in extremely limited number. Just like this is not enough, German watchmaker decided to completely rework dial design. We got a chance to play with one of those beauties and here are our impressions.
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Pure and Clean

We are going to start with the main thing here – new dial. German watchmaker decided to go full scale here and introduce something completely different from all previous designs. I doubt this dial will be reborn in future release and that’s actually cool.

We are all tired from special editions which offer “special” color as the main selling point. Edition 366 goes in completely different direction.

First of all I have to say this is not an enamel or porcelain. We are all spoiled by recent watches from Seiko, right, but Meistersinger Edition 366 features “normal” white color on the dial.

Another notable thing – three-color minute scale which is also used for the first time here. It adds details on the dial and make it a bit more sophisticated. In my opinion it suits overall style and actually adds a bit of vintage feeling here.

Of course, we can’t miss new design of the single hand. In case you wonder, its length equals to 25 mm and this is the longest hand in Meistersinger hand. Hence the counterbalance on the opposite side. In my opinion it reminds of planets in our Solar system. Well, this watch celebrates leap year – something what is related with planet’s rotation. Now who will be brave enough to paint counterbalance as Earth? 😉

Case and Strap

All this goodness come in classic polished stainless steel. There are no precious metals here, but do you really need them? Size equals to 43mm what makes watch suitable for average man wrist. Whole dial covered with sapphire glass, there is no surprise in this. Rear cover is clear and shows beautiful movement inside. Watch number can be also found on the rear cover. As you can notice on the photos, I checked watch with number 006.

Just like other classic models from Meistersinger, this one comes with calf leather strap. Of course, it has crocodile grain on it… It is more on the stiff side, so it takes some time to get used to. As you know, I am not huge fan of such stuff and would rather replace it with smooth strap in order to get clean combo.


Meistersinger Edition 366 packs Unitas 6468-1 – this is classic caliber which we saw in some of the previous releases from German brand. It is hand-wound what is great feature in such watch. I mean who doesn’t like winding their own timepiece.

Nice experience, especially with such beautiful creation. Power reserve equals to 46 hours what should be more than enough for everyday use.

In Person

As I wrote in the beginning, watch was present on Inhorgenta exhibition and it would be strange to miss the chance to try such masterpiece. Overall wearing feels similar to other classic watches from Meistersinger…as long as you don’t look at dial. Frankly speaking my brain was confused even after looking at watch for the fifth time. This is just not something we are used to see in watches made by German brand. Nevertheless it feels special and definitely beautiful to see in person.

Details might look simple on the first sight, but overall composition actually reminds of classic pocket watches. Special design doesn’t have negative effect on the legibility of the dial. Additional scale actually helps to determine exact time…if you have good eyesight. Indices are quite small, so I would rather follow good old Meistersinger philosophy and read time in hours. 😀

Meistersinger Edition 366 – How Many?

I have to note there will be only 100 pieces made and that left me wondering why not 366… Jokes aside there is no doubt watch will sell out quickly, so you should act quickly. This is important model in Meistersinger history and it will definitely have its special place in your collection too. The only thing you should make sure – catch one.

You can order one in Helveti webshop, they are official dealer and should help you with such purchase.

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