Alexander Shorokhoff Spring Chronograph Review

Today’s article is dedicated to new Alexander Shorokhoff Spring Chronograph which was unveiled on recent Inhorgenta 2020 exhibition. It is so new that you won’t find any info on the official website. 🙂 Jokes aside I was impressed with first photos of this watch, so it was obligatory to take a closer look at this beauty. Here are our impressions.
You can read about another watch from the same brand here.
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I guess previous Winter model was warmly welcomed by fans, so German watchmaker decided to continue season theme with Spring and Autumn. We are going to talk about first watch here and another one will be covered in the separate article. In my opinion they are different enough to get their own reviews. 🙂

Main showstopper on the Spring model is the green engraved dial. All these leafs and branches are handmade and whole composition looks amazing in person. While Winter didn’t feature chrono functions, here we get full-fledged chronograph with two subdials. All indices and numerals come in silver color which works nicely with green. Here you will also find big “60” which is almost traditional element in watches from Alexander Shorokhoff.

Silver Package

Beautiful dial comes in 39 mm case. Yes, you read it right, watch is not huge and might even look nice on women’s wrists. I would call it unisex, even though you should be extra brave to have such bright green thing on your hand. Case is made out of stainless steel and covered with sapphire glass from both sides.

Clear rear cover comes handy to appreciate the beauty of the movement inside. We have manual winding caliber here with 42 hr power reserve. Whole composition is finished by natural stingray strap in the matching color.

Alexander Shorokhoff Spring – Price

Main question is what number will be on Spring’s price tag? Expect around 1800 EUR for the watch. In my opinion this is quite reasonable amount to ask. For this price you get handmade watch with beautiful finish and chrono movement inside.

Somehow everything works together and there are few rivals in this price range who can actually offer something equally impressive.
Stay tuned for more reviews. 😉

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