Meistersinger Phanero Review – New Dials to Celebrate 2020

Here we are going to talk about another novelty from the well-known German brand. Meistersinger Phanero should be familiar to watch fans, but watchmaker decided to add a bit of variety with help of new dials. There are two colors introduced and we tried both on recent Inhorgenta exhibition. Let’s talk about them in detail.
Here you can read about Limited Edition watch from Meistersinger.
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Hand Wound

First of all it is important to note that inside we get the same calibre as on the previous versions. In other words, there is Selita SW 210 with hand winding. You can actually see this movement throught clear caseback. This is great feature and it looks gorgeous in person. Combination of three colors – blue, silver and gold is almost classic for Meistersinger.
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Phanero is one of the smallest models from German brand. It is truly specail feature in times of everyone’s obsession with big case sizes. Such dimensions make this watch unisex and it would look equally good on man’s or woman’s wrist. Overall design is quite simple – sharp elegant lines and polished finish create beautiful combination. Now let’s move to the new dials.

Something Different

There are two versions of the new dial. First of all colors are quite unusual – greyish-gold dial looks as good as the second blue dial. Moreover, it is not simple sunray finish because we get slight fading of the color around edges. I have to say this feature looks amazing in person. Get some bright light and you will be surprised with the look of the new watch. Shiny surface doesn’t influence overall legibility though.

Tiny feature that is also important – different digits font. Here it is more plain and let’s eye focus on the whole dial. As you remember, first versions feature applied digits. Versions differ only by their main color while digits and hours hand stay in white color. Such design makes it easier to read the time on the new watch.

Meistersinger Phanero – Availability

New watch should go out on shelves around March-April, depending on your watch shop. Those two dials will have slightly lower price tag what might attract those who weren’t sure whether to get the watch or not. Due to calm neutral design watch might be a perfect pair gift to your second half. I like how German watchmaker decided to stay away from various additions and kept dial clean. Phanero has few equal rivals in its price range, so new dial finish might be a good point for this watch. The only question I can ask here is when we will get next colors with such finish? 🙂

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