Sinn 158 Chronograph Review

Today we are going to talk about new release from well-known German watchmaker. Sinn 158 comes as nice surprise which will be issued in limited amount. Fresh watch reminds of military chrono – 155Bw which is one of the most valuable Sinn watches among collectors.
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Original One

New watch should remind of classic chronograph released by Helmit Sinn with SINN lettering on the dial. Original version featured Vaijoux 230 movement inside and was made for military use. I guess, there is no need to say anything about overall design, right? It is simple and elegant just as any other military watch. Such combo is a perfect choice for everyday use, so German watchmaker decided to produce Sinn 158 this year.

Mean One

One glance should be enough to understand that 158 comes from Sinn. Cover brand on the dial and there are still recognizable features for this brand. For example, what about bead-blasted case? Forget about polished mirror-like edges. 158 looks and feels like a great measuring time tool. 43mm size adds to the comfort of use. In my opinion new watch should look fine on average-sized man’s wrist. Pushers and crown are easy to operate, so there is hardly any problem.

You will have to be careful with glass though. Sinn 158 comes with acryllic glass which is slightly raised over the bezel. Such material is shatter-proof but can be easily scratched. You can notice minor scratches on the photos and video. Unfortunately this is something you can’t avoid with such material.


Inside you will find Selita SW 510 automatic movement. It is classic calibre which also features anti-magnetic protection as per DIN 8309. Note there is full metal rear cover, so you won’t be able to appreciate the beauty of this movement. The only thing you will find there – number of your watch.

Sinn 158 – When?

New watch should be out in spring and there will be only 500 pieces produced. I doubt it will stay available for long time, so it is better to hurry if you want to get one.

To conclude, I can say we get nice German chronograph with handy design. You should be ready to protect acryllic glass, but if this is not a big thing for you – get 158 ASAP. 🙂

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