Meistersinger Circularis Reverse – Opposite Direction

Unfortunately we are not able to attend Dubai Watch Week, but here is one of the novelties presented there. Meet the new Meistersinger Circularis Reverse. German watchmaker decided to surprise everybody with adding unusual function to their classic model. Take a careful look at the dial and you will understand what I am talking about. Nevertheless, let’s check closer what has changed in the new watch.
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Going Left

New version was exclusively designed for Arabic-world. It is not difficult to guess why – Arabic is written from right to left. Circularis Reverse copies this on the watch dial. Anti-clockwise movement is a bit difficult to notice on the first sight. Layout is approximately the same symmetrical composition which is typical for German watch. Fonts and writings are also similar to “standard” version. It takes a careful look in order to spot digits in the opposite order. I have to admit that such feature looks unusual for sure.

Meistersinger Circularis Reverse Front

Classic Inside

Apart from the new indication there are no changes in this watch. We still get reliable movement with 5-days power reserve and clear caseback. Beautiful rotor is also here and even today manages to amaze with its look. I think it is safe to say that we have one of the most beautiful finishes in the given price range.

Meistersinger Circularis Reverse – Limited?!

Yes, new watch will be released in a Limited Run. There will be only 25 pieces made specially for Meistersinger partner “Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons”. There is no word regarding price, but definitely it won’t be cheaper than normal version. I am a bit surprised that such version won’t be offered globally. Nevertheless, German watchmaker has the perfect chance to create next model with two versions in mind. It would feel unusual when you will be offered to choose where hand will move, right? 🙂

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