New: Eberhard 1887 Brings Manual Back

Let’s take a break from all those Limited and Special Editions and talk about something fresh. New Eberhard 1887 might be a perfect subject for this. Fresh release from Swiss watchmaker comes with new calibre inside and celebrates several important events. It is a bit surprising that such watch comes as “normal” release, but let’s take a closer look at what is offered here.
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Back to Roots

It is not that often we hear some news from Eberhard, but here I was surprised to learn that brand decided to return to its original place. Watchmaker decided to remake headquarters and create museum where you will be able to appreciate 130 years of history. Sounds impressive, right? Well, to mark this event wachbrand decided to create the new calibre – EB140. This release is remarkable not only aesthetically, but also in terms of mechanical ideas.

Eberhard 1887 Gold Version

Manual Winding

Above you can see the main feature of the new movement. Unlike other offers on the market, new EB140 comes with classic winding method which might add a bit more interaction with your watch. External finish also looks top notch and features small touches such as circular wave pattern and blued screws.

Eberhard EB140 Movement

I would be surprised to see new calibre in the old watch. Here we have everything in the right way. Eberhard decided to present new watch as well. Meet Eberhard 1887 – fresh release which is actually first to house new movement inside. This watch is about classic lines with a slight touch of retro in case design. It looks sleek and doesn’t feature any weird cues which might spoil design.

“Dandy” Watch

Beauty of new Eberhard 1887 lies in tiny details that only add to vintage feeling. For example take a look at date window. Here we get trapezoidal shape which looks nothing like classic variants. I want to see this part in person because on photos it is not clear how it looks on the dial. Eberhard plans to offer two versions – with rhodium or gold-plated indices (note that seconds hand stays blue in both versions). First one looks complete in my opinion, while gold would be nice with gold case. Who knows, maybe we would see such edition in the future.

Another thing that looks special – strap. Yes, Swiss watchmaker decided to give a bit more attention than usual and as result we have new type created together with Ulturale. This brand is a ties manufacturer with old traditions. Now guess what they did with strap? 🙂 In my opinion this offers looks unusual for sure. Strap pattern compliments dial and looks suitable here. Such combination will be noticeable for sure. There are also alligator options available, but who needs those when you have possibility to get such beauty?

Eberhard 1887 – Availability

New release should be available for order immediately. Note that this is not a Limited Edition, so there shouldn’t be any shortage in supply. There is no word on pricing and I didn’t find this model on official website. I guess we should wait a bit for more info on this beautiful watch. Well, who knows, maybe we would be able to do a detailed review. 😉

Eberhard 1887 Silver Version
That’s the right version to have. 😉

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