Longines Heritage Military 1938 Brings Classic Back

I think it is safe to say that military watches make the special group which is admired by many collectors. Today we are going to talk about new Longines Heritage Military 1938. Famous Swiss brand decided to take the classic army watch and copy it in the same size. Of course, there are some things to be adjusted, so I wondered what has stayed the same here? Let’s take a closer look.
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Original watch


New watch copies actual military timepiece from 1938. This is just a year before German invasion, so famous Swiss watchmaker wasn’t influenced by the greatest war. Nevertheless, all features of military watch are here – nice clean layout, “railroad” on the dial and seconds indicator at “6” mark. Original layout might even look a bit “empty” on the first sight, but it actually adds to ease of use. Now let’s not forget that new model comes in the same case. We have a lot of free space available, so what Longines did? Yes, they didn’t touch original design and preserved it in the new release.

New version

I saw a lot of complaints regarding “big” size. Some say that such case is not straight up to original configuration. Nevertheless, bigger case doesn’t spoil whole composition. In contrary, watch looks as sleek as old predecessor and I doubt that somebody will be able to tell the size just by looking at photo. There is some confusion that original was smaller, but no – it was the same! Different situation will be in real life, so let’s wait until some personal experience. 43mm should be relatively ok for every wrist except of the thinnest ones. 🙂 Number snobbing is not the right thing to do. The only thing that matters is whether you like Longines Heritage Military 1938 on your wrist or not.

No Extras

I am glad to see that designers stayed away from adding some extra bits. There are no date windows or any other complications. It is good to see such approach, and I think Longines keep rocking with their military series. One good release comes after another and I hope it won’t stop. 🙂

Dial here features things that add authenticity to the whole watch. It is beautiful to see this approach in the new watch. Those “small things” actually make the thing that you like. Note that new watch is also offered with XL strap.

I am not sure on one thing – whether rear cover is transparent or full metal. There is no info on the web, no text or photos. Let’s wait until we see this watch in person.

Longines Heritage Military 1938 – Price

While price tag is set at 2300 CHF, you should keep in mind one more thing. This watch comes as Limited Edition and there will be only 1938 pieces made. In my opinion, this new Longines’ creation is worth asked amount. There are some rivals in this range, but I doubt that you will find many models with such charisma. The only thing left is to give this watch a bit more thorough testing.

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