Meistersinger Astroscope Review

Today’s article is dedicated to new Meistersinger Astroscope which was unveiled on recent Inhorgenta 2020 expo. We had a chance to play with both versions and ready to tell you few things about these novelties. As you can guess, name hints on the main feature which is connected with starts. Let’s take a closer look together.
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From the first sight you might think this is another classic timepiece from well-known German brand. We have one hand here, polished case, leather strap – all standard components, right? Take a careful look at the dial and you will understand what is different here.

Meistersinger Astroscope features completely different week day indication. Monday, Tuesday, blah blah blah. All this stuff is boring and German watchmaker decided to take unusual spin on such simple function. Each day of the week is connected with celestial body:
Monday, the Moon                 ☽
Tuesday, Mars                       ♂
Wednesday, Mercury             ☿
Thursday, Jupiter                   ♃
Friday, Venus                        ♀
Saturday, Saturn                   ♄
Sunday, the Sun                    ☉

Note that indication is not linear, so white dot jumps back and forth around the dial with each day of the week. All this might sound complicated, but there is special brochure included together with watch, so it should be easy to learn meaning of each sign. By the way, small yellow-black indicator in the middle should help you set the right time. Quite neat feature which will be useful for those who often change the time on their watch.

German Classic

Other than that we still get classic Meistersinger. There will be two versions available – one with brown numerals and another one with blue. In my opinion blue color matches perfectly with overall theme of new Astroscope. It is also interesting what will be the next color pick for this model.

Meistersinger Astroscope is not a limited edition, so there is no number on the caseback. Well, at least you will be able to appreciate beautiful movement inside.

Meistersinger Astroscope – Availability

New watch should be out in March – April. Once again I remind that there is no production limit, but still it should be worth preordering one. Who knows, maybe it will be sold out quickly and then you will have to wait for the next batch, right?

Overall we get classic design with unusual function inside. I like how designers added “astro-days” into overall elegant style. There is nothing shouting about this function and such thing might be the main advantage for Meistersinger fans. It would be cool to have both Astroscope and Lunascope in your collection. Well, maybe we would see some limited combo edition in the future, who knows? 🙂


Model: Astroscope
Movement: Sellita SW 220, automatic; 38 hours power reserve
Diameter: 40 mm
Case: Stainless steel, 6-screwed exhibition back, water resistance 5 bar, sapphire crystal
Variants: black-old radium, steel blue-old radium

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