Seiko 5 Sports SRPD75K1 Review

Without extra introductions, today we are going to check new Seiko 5 Sports SRPD75K1. This is one of the recent releases from Japanese watchmaker. New series should replace legendary SKX007 diver watch. I am saying series because there will be quite an impressive choice of colors and each gives its own feeling to the watch. Hence I decided to separate SRPD75K1 test into its own article.
By the way, here you can read review with another Seiko.
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Frankly speaking, I didn’t count how many versions there are in total. Impressive to see such variance straightaway without any delays. I have to note each color gives its own flavor to the watch and you will see it in upcoming reviews. Today’s version offers dark green dial and bezel plus Milanese strap. Let’s talk about them in detail.


Main role here is given to the dial. This dark green part features sunray finish and might look simple at the first sight. Nevertheless, the more time you spend with this watch the more you appreciate such design. I had exactly this situation, maybe because I was given three different versions at once. Worth noting that even original photos don’t convey even half of the dial’s appeal. In other words – check it in person and you will understand what I am talking about.

Sunray finish looks great on the bright light and in dark dial turns into slightly different shade. Note “fauxtina” on the hands and indices. I know there are some opposers of such finish, but here it looks in place. Both elements covered with Lumibright and shine with blue color in the dark. I recommend to check the video in order to see it in action.


Seiko 5 Sports SRPD75K1 comes in nice polished case which has classic smooth lines. Size equals to relatively reasonable 42.5 mm and should look fine on average man’s wrist. Note that thickness measures 13.4 mm, combine it with curved edges and it is easy to guess there is no problem in hiding this watch under the sleeve.

Whole dial covered with Hardlex glass which is slightly less resistant in comparison with traditional sapphire. I think it should be fine for everyday use.

Note that rear side of today’s watch features glass insert. Unlike good old SKX007 here we get a chance to take a look inside watch. Well, some owners will appreciate such addition. Water protection is clocked at 100m what should be enough for desk diving.


Inside you will find automatic calibre 4R36. Power reserve equals to 41 hours, what is completely fine number for such watch. There are higher-end Seiko models in case you would like to have something more sophisticated. 😉


Today’s watch comes with Milanese strap which matches polished case. It is classic part without any additional sections like it was on Certina watch. Note that strap choice varies from version to version, so other colors offer something different. Seiko SKX007 was famous for its ultimate compatibility with any strap design, and today’s Seiko 5 Sports diver has all the chances to take this feature.

I definitely recommend to get original Seiko rubber strap for some practical use. There are guys who don’t like Milanese strap, so rubber should look good here. Well, another choice is high-quality leather rally strap or maybe even NATO. 🙂

SRPD75K1 – Price and Availability

All in all we get great offer from Seiko. For 400USD you will get beautiful design, strong lume and easy-to-wear case-strap combo. Should I even mention modding possibilities for this model?

I saw many Instagram and forum posts about SKX007 replacement and quite few were actually glad to see the change. This is surprising because Seiko offers revised edition with a bit more appealing design which stayed in standard boundaries. Yes, previous model was a perfect toolwatch, but SRPD75K1 has all the chances to take this place.

New watch won’t be a good choice for professional diving, but let’s not forget about other classic Seiko models. There are plenty on offer, so it is matter of deciding what is more important for you. New Seiko 5 Sports diver models bring accessible choice for those who would like to get a decent automatic watch without breaking a bank. Considering the color palette available you will definitely find something suitable. Stay tuned for next reviews of these Seikos. 😉

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