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I am sitting at the airport now and a bit lazy to write about watches again, so let’s talk about something different. M.A.D. Gallery Link sculptures bring fresh look at typical art exhibitions. The main feature is hidden in the name – all creations are made from metal chains. Korean artist Young-Deok Seo decided to take such unusual approach in order to emphasize complexity of human character. Let’s take a closer look.
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Contemporary Art

Say what you want, but in my opinion today many people get behind “modern art” title and do completely weird things. New sculptures are something different – they look interesting and have deep idea in them. Mr. Seo tried to show how complex and fragile we are.

For example, “Thinker 300” comes in classic seating pose. This is not just pile of metal chains. Instead, author tried to replicate muscles in order to get even more realistic appearance. At the same time that metal guy has no face what lets us see ourselves in this sculpture. This work will be limited to 8 heavy sculptures. Let’s not forget that this is a metal, so each “Thinker 300” weighs 60kg and has 122cm height. This is the largest sculpture in collection.

No Face

I would like to talk about another sculpture from the new series. It is named as “Anguish 23” and looks like a classic bust. Well, there is a small hint – sculpture doesn’t have a face. Author decided to leave it to us, whether you would see some face there or just the dark void. The latter is emphasized with help of polished finish outside and dark internal layer. Well, at least it looks like this on the photos. Note that here author used industrial chain instead of bicycle one which was employed in “Thinker 300”. There will be only 8 busts made, so you have to hurry if that’s the thing you would like to have in your room.


I won’t describe other sculptures from M.A.D. Gallery Link because you can find this info on official web. Two above are the most interesting in my opinion. What I would like to note is that sculptures are different but still look like a part of one collection. Author played with various chain types and metal finishes, what helped to emphasize the main point of the sculpture. In my opinion Young-Deok Seo did a great job in creating something unusual and yet moving. Take a careful look at those sculptures and you will understand what I am talking about. Who knows, maybe in person they are even more overwhelming. I would say that’s the modern art I am ready to support. By the way, number in the name hints at chain length. 😉

There is no word about price, so I would recommend to contact M.A.D. Gallery directly. As you remember, production numbers are limited, so it is better to hurry if you want to get one of those sculptures.

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