MB&F HM7 Aquapod


What you can see on the photos in this article is another complete madness from MB&F. First they teased us with movement, which was covered here on OneWheee, and now it is possible to check complete design with casing. “Impressive” is an utter understatement of the new creation.
Moreover, I thought that new model will be related with automotive or avia topics, but no – it’s related with opposite – water and naval topic.
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With recent diver watches obsession when you can see this type on each hand dressed into expensive suit, MB&F decided to make their own statement, which looks crazy in a good sense. I doubt that somebody will go into water with this masterpiece, but, man, it looks naval from the first time.  Whole case is radially symmetric, what brings visual perfection to this model.

Special watchface replicates ripples on the water, note their positioning, which is also unusual. Their positioning isn’t flat and requires great precision in order to be properly aligned. What’s on the top? Of course, tourbillon, heart of this creation. Below you can see sharp parts – those are not spikes on the movement, but tentacles as authors name these parts. Those are made out of titanium with platinum mass underneath, what ensures proper winding of the watch. Aquapod movement has 72hrs power reserve, which should come handy if you actually wear such watch everyday.

Now take a look at bezel, which might remind you of diver watches. It’s unidirectional and produced out of ceramic, but thing makes it special – this part floats around the watch. Yes, like a life buoy, it encircles casing and makes appearance even more unusual.

Authors also compare their Aquapod with jellyfish, because it glows blue in dark. Of course, numbers are glowing, but you will see another special element – glow from the movement, which will help you appreciate beauty of its mechanics. By the way, note color shade, reminds of badger, which we covered here, right?

Even though I am completely in love with appearance of the new model, price and amount of produced pieces will be impressive on their own. Blue version (the one I like the most) will be issued in 33 pieces, while gold type with 18K covering should be available in 66 pieces. Price will be set on 98000CHF for titanium edition and 118000CHF for red gold, both are set without VAT.
Well, if you like this newcomer as much as I do, I recommend to order it directly from MB&F. Let’s hope that in Basel we’ll have a chance to play with this beauty. J



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