Victorinox AirBoss Mechanical Black Edition Review

This time we are going to take a break from Japanese watches and check Victorinox AirBoss Mechanical Black Edition. Under such long name you will find quite an interesting combo of military watch in dark color. As far as I understood, this is not a Limited Edition, but it still might be more engaging in comparison with silver version. Moreover, this might catch attention of aviation fans, so I decided to take a closer look.
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Today’s watch main feature is the black dial with large white digits and red accents. Such combo looks impressive in person and should be legible in any situation. Seconds hand comes in bright red, what might be useful for time tracking. Inner hour scale is also in red color, just like on classic military watches.

Date window can be found at 6′ mark. It is white here, so you won’t have an issue with finding it. Nevertheless, I would rather prefer a dark version for a bit more solid appearance without any “jumping out” elements on the dial.

Dial features few writings and 12′ mark is replaced with Victorinox logo. Large digits are slightly raised over grooved circle, what creates nice 3D effect. Such dial doesn’t look plain and it is big advantage of today’s watch.

Note that digits and hands are covered with luminous material which is quite bright in the dark. Whole dial is covered with sapphire glass. Well, for such price it would be strange to get something different, right? 🙂


Black matte case is one of the main features in the watch. Diameter equals to 42mm and that means reasonable-sized timepiece which is easy to wear. It is not thick either and measures 11.4mm.

Weight equals to 89.5g, so as result you get nice watch with reasonable dimensions. It doesn’t catch sleeves and easy to wear with your typical white shirt.

Rear cover is transparent, so you can see whole movement through it. Water protection is clocked at 100m. Crown is not big, but still easy to operate. Of course, you have two positions here – for date adjustment and for time setting. On the crown you will find Victorinox logo.


My Victorinox AirBoss Mechanical Black Edition came with black canvas strap. There is almost no stitching except of two points in the top area. Such option looks and wears fine, I didn’t have any problem. By the way, lug width equals to 22mm. Note that they are slightly curved down, what should add to the comfort of use.

Nevertheless, manufacturer also offers metal bracelet which completely changes the appearance. Matte finish makes it a bit more menacing and maybe expensive looking watch. While canvas appears like a true military tool, bracelet creates effect of expensive accessory and looks right in place. It is amazing how such strap can influence the overall appearance. Maybe it would be wise to get them both and change them according to situation? 🙂


Inside you will find ETA 2824-2 automatic movement. That’s where some questions arise because such calibre offers 38 hour power reserve. We can agree that such number is not impressive and there are options on the market which offer way more impressive power reserve numbers.

Well, at least you will be able to enjoy its view through the rear caseback. It features golden rotor, what adds to the beauty of such movement. Another advantage is that movement is well-known and can be found in many other watches. It means that more places will be able to service your AirBoss.

In Use

I think size is the main thing that has influence over the comfort of this watch. It just sits on your wrist and my textile combo is very nice to wear. I also appreciate this toned down appearance. This is something different from all recent “stealth” editions. Just classic design with legible dial, sounds like a good thing, right?

Well, power reserve is also not a huge problem in everyday use, but you will have to calm down your inner “economist” for that. I didn’t find any other issues in today’s watch. As it was mentioned, textile and metal bracelet create completely different combos, so definitely check both before deciding which one to pick.

Victorinox AirBoss Mechanical Black Edition – Price and Availability

There is no use in hiding the price of this watch – around 1100EUR. For this price tag you will get classic design which should age well. Inside you can expect well-known caliber which is not on the edge of technical achievements, but still can serve you for a long time. I know there are a lot of rivals in this price range, be it Japanese or Swiss brands.

Nevertheless, it is still surprising how few of them can offer solid styling which would avoid copying more expensive models. I like aviation-themed watches and this one looks like a decent choice. The only thing I would want to see – “limit” on this edition. Yes, there is no word about this version being released in small numbers, but at least it is different from the previous releases.

P.S.: Official website claims that this watch “offers military time”. I am not sure what to expect after these words, but maybe you will find your “military time”. 😀

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