Bulova Hack Watch 98A255 Review

Ok, summer is over and now we can finally get back to reviews. Today’s article will be fully dedicated to Bulova Hack Watch 98A255. This is the new model from the famous watchmaker. Some of you might guess that newcomer copies Military model issued long time ago. Well, “copies” is not the right word because there are several things that were changed. It is part of so-called “Archive Series” which brings classic models back to life. With no further ado let’s take a look at this watch.
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I would like to start with case overview on this watch. It is quite important part for military watch. Here it comes in small size, just like on original release. Stainless steel part measures 38mm, what makes them easy to wear in any situation. Moreover, it might be even an interesting choice for women who would like to get simple design on their wrist. At the same time thickness measures impressive 13.5 mm what creates image of something solid and ready to be tested. It doesn’t feel bulky though, it just feels like a proper old-day watch in a good sense.

Don’t be confused by shiny surface on this watch. 98A255 come with PVD coating, what should make them scratch-resistant and ready to endure various challenges. I recommend to check photos of the original watch in order to understand the main changes here. They are not that prominent, but still easy to spot, especially after comparing with its “granddad”.

Lugs increased in shape and have more angular design. It adds presence 98A255 and looks suitable for overall styling. Another feature – reduced crown size. Original Hack Watch had huge part for ease of use, here it is a bit smaller, but still easy to operate. Rear cover is metal, it would be strange to expect something different on military watch. Nevertheless, water protection is still mere 50 m, so definitely don’t try diving with Hack Watch.


I decided to talk about glass here because it has great influence on overall perception of the dial. Original watch featured curved glass and it is also used here. Mineral glass with anti-reflective coating creates nice distortion on the edges and doesn’t influence overall legibility. Bulova logo comes in its “vintage” version and the only extra writing you will find here is that “automatic” inscription in the lower half.

Bulova Hack Watch dial close up

Dial is finished in black color only. There are no other color versions, but I suspect we might see light dial in the future. You might also notice small 24-hr scale in red color. All “main” digits are covered with lume which is quite bright. Whole composition is legible in any condition, so you won’t have any issues.

Handset finished in classic style and adds to beauty of this watch. I am glad to see that designers decided not to try any “new designs” and stick with well-known combo.

Thin and sharp seconds hand is another important thing that looks just in place. Unfortunately only hours and minutes hands are covered with lume. I am not sure why at least thick end didn’t get its portion of luminous material. Well, it is not such a serious problem, right?

Dial lume on Bulova Hack Watch


Today’s watch comes with leather strap in dark green color. Yes, there is no mistake and you won’t find any NATO-strap bundled with 98A255. I have no doubt that it would match aftermarket straps, but even the stock option look great.

I was surprised to find how soft it is. We all know these “wood-leather” types which are really difficult to bend around your wrist. Well, this is definitely the opposite, because it just hugs your wrist and feels comfortable enough for everyday use. Note that there is no padding, it is just plain piece of leather in a quite beautiful color (yes, I like green).

Strap buckle for Bulova Hack Watch

It would be nice to get something extra in the package, but here you have full freedom to order whatever you would like to. Frankly speaking I would just wear this watch with standard option until it will look ugly. 😀


Bulova Hack Watch 98A255 has its main feature in own name. Hacking was quite handy thing for soldiers and helped them synchronize watches. Of course, such thing is present on the new model as well.

Inside you will find quite famous Miyota 82S0 calibre, which is used in many other watches. It is automatic movement, and I don’t think you will have any issues with it. Note that this watch doesn’t have date function, and I know – some of you will be happy to hear this. 🙂

In Use

Even though size of the watch is small, it is still quite impressive timepiece on your wrist and feels like “proper” watch. No, it doesn’t look like a brick even on the thin wrist and that’s why I decided to include several shots on lady’s wrist. You might have minor issues with shirt cuffs, but that’s not such a serious thing.

I like the whole experience of wearing this watch. It is not overloaded with unnecessary extras and looks great right out of the box. Moreover, Bulova designers somehow managed to avoid cheap look which is often seen in military watches. This is truly universal choice which should be ok both with official suit or with t-shirt and shorts.

Bulova Hack Watch 98A255 – Price

Price should be around 450$ and it sound like a normal amount for such watch. In my opinion this is something what should be suitable for every wrist. Take nice and simple classic design, add few modern queues and you get perfect recipe for something different, yet so classic. I like that we don’t have any “luxury” marketing stuff which just doesn’t stick with 98A255. Bulova decided to go different way with Hack Watch and it looks like they succeeded.

If you search for “everyday beater” which will feel and look like a decent timepiece, look no further. Bulova 98A255 might be the one who will tick all the points for people who don’t need any extra things on their wrist. Just pure time -telling and durable design with compact dimensions. Bulova found the right niche with its Archive Series and I hope they will continue to surprise us.

I am still not sure whether to introduce grading system in reviews, but today’s watch would tick all the marks in my opinion. It is a great rival to another military watch from another US brand, and we all know whom I am talking about. 😉

P.S.: I am still not sure how Bulova official web works because there is no info about Surfboard or Hack Watch. Somebody forgot to update the website? :/

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