Bulova Surfboard Chronograph 98A252 Review

In case you are bored with all these quarantines and sitting at home, here we are with something special. There is no doubt Bulova Surfboard was planned to become one of Basel premieres, but virus changed everything and we saw online presentation. Maybe that’s why it caught my attention in press email, but I completely forgot about this model afterwards. Nevertheless, watch is available for purchase these days, so I decided to get it asap and share my impressions here.
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In order to talk about history of this watch we will have to jump back to 1970’s when original Surfboard was presented. It was also a chrono watch with unusual dial design. Such styling gave iconic nickname which is used on the new model as well. There are some fans who are obsessed with surfboard dial, so you can imagine how popular it was. I am glad to see that original design moved to the reissue and we get truly beautiful chronograph. Well, let’s take a closer look.


So, it is clear now that dial is the main hero on this watch. There will be three color combinations – either with blue, black or light “Surfboard” in the middle. I have to admit that both look good, but somehow my choice goes to the one you see on photos and video. It has “Panda” vibes to it and slightly yellowish color adds vintage feel. I know, some of you don’t like artificial aging, so try to check blue dial instead. Maybe it will catch your attention, who knows.

Bulova Surfboard also features small specks of bright color here and there. For example, main seconds hand comes in orange and sits right on the top. This is big part which you won’t miss. Somehow it works with whole styling, just like on the original watch. Note that its shape was slightly revised for a more modern look. Yes, it shines bright orange in the dark if you wonder. We will talk more on this later.

Dial also features tachymeter and applied indices. All these things create solid combination and work nicely together. Dial is perfectly legible and you won’t have a problem with it. Separate plus should be added for leaving only Bulova logo and resisting adding any additional writings.

Separate word should be said about lume cover here. Frankly speaking I didn’t expect something unusual here, but Surfboard managed to surprise me. Don’t expect something highly luminous, but all these hands and indices shine after short exposure to bright light. Such feature might come handy for sure. Small subdials didn’t get any lume, it is used only for the main dial.


Case design continues 70’s theme with large lugs and smooth curves. Edges are polished, so you will have to thread carefully here. The same applies to buttons and crown. The latter is screw-down here, small hint on diver watches. Unlike some other watches in the same price range, Bulova Surfboard offers sapphire glass. Caseback is metal, so you won’t be able to take a look inside.

There is also a large bezel on the top. My version had black section, while others get blue color instead. Part moves in both directions, so it is more of a nod to classic diver watches than true professional feature. Well, it still might come handy for time tracking or maybe even using it as second time zone indicator.


Bulova Surfboard comes with several strap versions. Mine featured black silicone option, while other choices include brighter colors and even metal one. Standard choice feels nice on your wrist, there is even perforation for your comfort.

It looks fine, but I think this watch will look great with some aftermarket alternatives too. Don’t be shy to experiment here.


Bulova Surfboard features quartz Miyota 6S21-00A movement inside. It would be strange to expect something different. Mentioned caliber is quite reliable and should be fine for everyday use. Don’t forget that it also features chrono functions and date indication. 🙂

In Use

Case size here is mere 40,5 mm and it is safe to call it reasonable. It fits nicely on the wrist and I don’t think there will be any issue with average-sized hands. Moreover, silicone strap adds to ease of use, so there are no issues with everyday use.

Bulofa Surfboard Chronograph on wrist

Sapphire glass is slightly raised over the case and it creates nice edge distortions. Don’t worry – dial is still legible and you won’t have any problems here.

The only thing that bothers me a bit – polished case on sports chrono. I wonder what watch would look like with matte case instead. Well, nobody stops you from modifying your timepiece this way if you are brave enough.

Bulova Surfboard – Price

New watch should be already available for purchase. Price is set at around 600 USD. In my opinion this is reasonable amount to ask for chrono model with classic design. I know, some people will that they can get cheaper options, but I doubt that they will get iconic design just like on this watch. Bulova Surfboard looks like a decent all-rounder which might be handy for people choosing one and only watch. It should be reliable enough for everyday use and you will get something special on your wrist.
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3 years ago

The bezel is actually a clever bit of design and it’s a mystery to me why barely any other watch shares its features. Diving bezels – no longer used by divers obviously and therefore not strictly functional – count up whereas this one counts down. Any rotating bezel can be used as a timer but it’s nice when the designer helps out by arranging the numbers in the correct order for timing everyday things like parking and cooking. That’s also why the bezel is bi-directional – and for counting up there’s a stopwatch on here too… so everyone’s happy (except reviewers who think all 0 to 60 bezels should ape the Submariner’s!).

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