Alexander Shorokhoff Levels Review

Today we are going to check new Alexander Shorokhoff Levels. This is a Limited Edition watch from German watchmaker. Brand is famous for its avantgarde designed timepieces and new series is not an exclusion from this rule. “Levels” name hints on the main feature – multi-layered dial with beautiful design, all hand-finished. Each color version should be released in Limited Amount, so overall this sounds like a great thing to have. I decided to give it a closer look and find out what you get in this watch.
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I would like to start with the main thing here – the dial. As it was mentioned in the beginning, name tells us about design feature on this watch. There will be several colors available, but I got a chance to test brown and grey versions.

At first you might be confused with amount of small details here and there. Nevertheless, it falls into one composition and looks like a finished picture. First of all we get two small dials in opposite corners. One would be used for home time and another one for different time zone. This feature might be handy for travelers, because you see exact time at first glance.

Note that home time dial carries slightly different hands set. There is also a seconds hand which has triangles from both sides. It is more of a design feature, but such thing can be also used as simple chrono on your wrist. All hands are covered with luminous material, but there is none on indices.

Second dial differs with small globe drawing in it – small hint that here you can set a world time.

Vertical gold-plated bridge is another notable element on this dial. It is placed right above second dial and features magnifying glass for date indicator. This part doesn’t look out of place and I like the whole idea. Nevertheless, small glass could be a bit more magnifying in order to show the small digits of the date window. All writings are made as engravings, so they are not as obvious as it could be. I like such feature because it makes whole dial a bit more elegant.


Just like any other Alexander Shorokhoff watch, this one comes with simple elegant stainless steel case. There are no extra elements, what helps your eyes to focus on the dial. I am also glad to see brushed finish with only few polished surfaces. Such design should be easier to wear in everyday life. Of course, dial is covered with sapphire glass here.

Note that case size is not small – 46.5mm would make you think twice about your wrist size. Jokes aside, new watch sits nicely on average-sized wrist. I guess it is also because of 12.5mm thickness. Overall it is just large “disc”, which is not too thick and doesn’t weight a ton.

Both crowns are placed on opposite ends, so it is easy to understand which one is responsible for each dial. I have to note that crowns sit flush with case and there are no concaved sections which would make it easy to pull out the crown. As a result, you will have to find a way how to catch this part in order to adjust the time. Well, at least we don’t have to do that too often, right? 🙂


Levels come with ostrich leather strap with alligator skin pattern. It is surprisingly soft, and I was surprised when I first tried it. Buckle comes in matte polishing, so you won’t have to worry about possible scratches on this part.

As I say in video-review, there is no additional strap included, so you will have to get one by yourself. Lug width is 26mm and it should be easy to find some suitable alternative.


Two dials need two movements, right? Well, you get two automatic calibers here, hence the large case size. Watch features 2671.AS caliber with 25 jewels and 45hrs power reserve. This should be enough for everyday use.

Nevertheless, it would be boring to get metal backplate with such unusual package inside, so watchmaker displays both movements through the clear sections. Two calibers received gold-plated engraved rotors, so it is a beautiful picture to look at. Back cover also carries timepiece number and info about your watch.

In Use

Here we come to the most interesting part – how this watch fares in everyday use. To my surprise it is quite comfortable timepiece to wear. Yes, case size is on the large side, but if you have an average wrist, you won’t have any issues here. Moreover, I like the brushed surface on the case edges because it will keep its pristine looks for longer time.

Alexander Shorokhoff Levels on wrist

Dial is easily legible, but this is not a tool for precise time-keeping. Both dial feature indices rings, but this is as far as we go regarding time indication. I guess it just need some time getting used too, and then your eyes look exactly where they will find the right time. Two dials should come handy for traveling people, even though nowadays it is not that often. Let’s hope that next year will bring a better news though.

As for the strap, I am not huge fan of croco pattern on the straps, but here it doesn’t look cheap or out of the place. Calm color makes suitable for such dial and I like how these two look together. Strap itself is very soft and just wraps around your wrist. Bonus point should be given for matte-polished buckle. I am not even sure what can be a viable alternative which would work with the dial. It might be a great quest for the future owner in case he would like to have something different. 🙂

Alexander Shorokhoff Levels – Price

First of all let me remind you that this watch will be extremely limited – only 99 pieces for each dial color. As for the price, it should be around 3500EUR. Now wait before you start saying some famous names as possible alternatives. I bet that all these watches will be coming as mass-produced models with relatively common design.

Today’s watch is different, and you have to remember this. Just think of it – two movements, unusual design and rare production number, what else you can wish for? In my opinion Levels might be a great choice for those searching for something different to look different from the crowd. New watch comes in elegant design, which avoids cheap look and might be a great topic for future conversations with your friends. Rarely anyone would have on their wrist a watch with two calibers inside. 😉


Caliber: Two automatic movements cal. 2671.AS, hand-engraved and refined; 25 jewels; power reserve 42 hours

Function: Hours, minutes, seconds from centre, calendar

Case: Stainless steel, brushed and polished; 5 atm of water resistance

Diameter: 46,5 mm

Height: 12,5 mm

Glass: vaulted sapphire top glass with antireflective coating

Dial: Wavy dial with two guilloched sub-dials bordered by circular and semicircular rose gold plated appliques which are applied at two different levels. Above the left sub-dial a small rose gold-plated bridge has been vertically fixed by two gold-plated screws holding a magnifying glass for the calendar.

Width of strap: 24 mm

Hands: Brass hands with orange and green luminous coating

Strap: Genuine ostrich leather strap

Limitation: 99 pieces

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