Certina DS-1 Powermatic 80 Review

While everybody is on quarantine we are finally able to go though photos and videos, so here is the fresh review. Meet the new Certina DS-1 Powermatic 80 which is part of 8-models-collection from the famous brand. All eight come in classic style, so I decided to focus on silver combination. In this article we will try to understand what actually makes this watch special and why you should spend your money on it.
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Sixties are Back!

I hope you didn’t miss previous review with DS-1 Big Date. If you did, there is link above which is highly recommended to check. That was a special edition watch with some unusual features, hence the price premium and special packaging. DS-1 Powermatic 80 is different because it is more affordable and still has this elegant style with special milanese strap.

In my opinion such model is more than welcome and some watchfans will be happy to get small discount. Yes, big date and green dial look great, but some people would happily trade these for reasonable price tag.

Silver on Silver

Our watch comes in gorgeous silver color which looks as sleek as it is possible. 🙂 Dial features sunray finish what adds visual interest to DS-1 and makes whole combo eye-catching. Indices come in silver too, but that’s not the case for handset.

All three handset are finished in glossy blue color which nicely adds color to monocolor dial. Don’t worry, there are still easy to read and dial perfectly legible in daylight conditions. Yes, forget about dark time because there is no luminous layer on these parts. This is not a toolwatch, and here is another tiny reminder. 🙂

All logos and writings on the dial don’t look weird here. It is visible that Certina tried to maintain the possible balance between sleek design and small reminders of the brand and watch name. Date window can be found at 3″ mark. This is classic white-colored indicator, so you won’t have a problem checking the date. Keep in mind it is not as big as the date window on DS-1 Big Date.


Watch comes in beautiful polished stainless steel case. I guess there is no need to mention the main disadvantage of such finish. You will have to be extra careful in order to keep everything intact. Size equals to 40 mm, quite surprising number in modern times when every brand is obsessed with bigger and bigger cases.


Name hints on one of the main features in this watch – Powermatic 80 automatic movement. Number tells us the power reserve for this calibre. There are few watches in the same price range which can offer impressive 80 hours reserve. We get true Swiss-made movement which uses modern materials and can be considered as huge advantage of today’s watch. Think what you want, but in my opinion this is serious thing to consider before choosing your next watch.

Certina DS-1 Powermatic 80 features clear caseback, so it is possible to see whole movement. Rotor comes with logo and movement name engraving on it.


There is no mistake in the title above. Today’s watch comes with two straps out of the box. Brown leather option can be considered as the nice bonus from Swiss brand. In my opinion milanese mesh better matches with polished case, but maybe there will be some buyers who would prefer leather on their wrist.

Steel bracelet is comfortable to wear. Some guys with hairy wrists might complain about such type, but I didn’t have any problems. Well, don’t forget about classic NATO, such option will definitely work with sleek case design.

In Use

First of all I have to remind case size is quite small here. Mere 40 mm should be easy to wear in any situation. Smooth curves makes it easy to hide under the sleeve and you don’t feel this watch as something extra on your wrist.

Dial is extremely legible, large indices and light silver color make it easy to check the time. White date window doesn’t fall out of the whole composition, so I won’t complain about it. 🙂 The only thing I might suggest – maybe remove some of the writings on the dial so that we can get pure watchface with Certina logo only?

Certina DS-1 Powermatic 80 – Price

All 8 watches should be available for purchase when this article will be online. Price is set at 700 EUR what is quite reasonable for what you get here. It is really difficult to think of possible alternative that will offer you Swiss movement, beautiful design and impressive build quality. This might be not the high-end of the watch world, but new DS-1 deserves your attention.

Comparable watches feature four-digit price tag and here you get everything for acceptable price. Oh, don’t forget about extra strap in the package what makes it even more attractive! Jokes aside, I think Certina did a great job here. If you search for elegant watch with Swiss movement inside – this will be a perfect choice for you. Just be sure to take care of this shiny polished case. 😉

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