Casio G-Shock GA-2000GZ-3AER Gorillaz Hands On

Today’s review is dedicated to fresh watch – Casio G-Shock GA-2000GZ-3AER Gorillaz Limited Edition. This version was announced in September and can be bought already in Helveti eshop. For me it was interesting to see what makes new watch special and different from standard one. Well, answer is easy, but there is still some hope, right? Let’s take a closer look.
Here you can read about completely different G-Shock.
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You can buy this new Gorillaz edition in Helveti webshop.

Casio G-Shock Gorillaz 2019 Watches photo
Two new models side by side.


I have to clarify that there are two new watches created in collaboration with Gorillaz. That’s already second project between Japanese watchmaker and famous music band. Today’s model comes in deep green-black color combo. In press-release it is written that it mimics color choice on the first album cover of this band. Well, yes, it looks similar, and I am glad there are no huge Gorillaz inscriptions on the strap. It is also important to note that none of existing color versions does feature the same shades of color.

In case you forgot – here is the first album cover.

GA-2000GZ-3AER and its variations are quite confusing watches in a good sense. Your eyes see large case and you get ready for the heavy thing on your wrist. Nevertheless, you take watch in your hands and feel almost no weight. Yes, it is notable feature of many G-Shock watches, but here it is even more evident. I guess we can thank new Carbon Core structure for this, but watch sits nicely on your wrist. I guess only thin wrists would feel some discomfort due to large case footprint.

Casio G-Shock GA-2000GZ-3AER Gorillaz Top Photo

Worth Noting

While this is completely standard GA-2000 G-Shock, it means there are all typical functions inside. Various calendars, timers and alarms can be found here. The only thing that is not featured – Bluetooth connectivity, but you can get it in the second model – GWB5600GZ-1. We will talk about it in the separate article.

Another thing is a special package, which is exclusive for this edition. Colorful box presents the watch with in-situ with additional strap. Here we can talk about this part of the watch.


Yes, straps, not the strap because there are two supplied together with new watch. On the photo you can see the brighter version, while second one helps you to focus on the green case. I would rather have bright camouflage because it looks more “in your face” and that’s what we need on G-Shock, right? Both are typical accessories with dark plastic buckle. I guess it contributes to overall lightness.

In Use

As I wrote before, this watch is notable for its unusual weight which doesn’t align with case size. In my opinion it is a strong advantage which should make it easier to wear new Casio G-Shock GA-2000GZ-3AER Gorillaz. Dial might look busy, but it is not difficult to read the time and use additional features. I am not huge fan of separate LED backlight, which is not that great in real life. Yes, it is better than nothing, but what about doing balanced backlight for the whole dial?

Yep, here you can see it.

I spent one day with new G-Shock and it is quite fine watch for everyday use. Yes, it is not sleeve-friendly and definitely you won’t have it with white shirt. Still I would consider it as a reasonable option for the role of the main watch on your wrist.

Casio G-Shock GA-2000GZ-3AER Gorillaz – Worth It?

Note that this watch is one of the most expensive in Gorillaz edition. 170 USD doesn’t make it unaffordable, but there are other interesting G-Shock watches in this price range. New price is 40 USD higher than “normal” edition, and I consider it as a reasonable payment for a bit more special watch with additional strap out of the box.
There is also no clear information on how limited this type will be. Still, Casio sells those with limit of one piece per buyer, so it should give you some idea. Limited G-Shocks sell out quickly, so don’t waste your time if you want to get one.
I would recommend to buy your new G-Shock in Helveti Shop.

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