Prim Spartak 70 Limited Edition Review

I have to say this review might be truly special. Here we are going to talk about new Prim Spartak 70. There is small hint – those watches are sold out, so there are chances you are reading here the only review in the whole Internet. 🙂 Nevertheless, here is our review and this watch has several special things to offer. Let’s take a closer look.
Here you can read about Swiss Limited Edition watch.
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Anniversary Gift

Take a closer look at dial and you will see years 1949-2019. New watch celebrates seventy years anniversary. Whole production batch will be limited to 70 pieces which were sold out quick. Prim decided to add several special features which actually differentiate this model from others.

First is a seconds dial which is placed at 6′ mark. It is sits lower than main dial what adds volume to overall combination. Note that whole scale features lines only and there are no digits or any other additional elements. Small inscription on the top part should remind you about uniqueness of this watch.

Prim logo is also engraved on the movement parts. Bridge will be signed by master who assembled this piece. Sounds like a nice touch which will be appreciated by collectors. Important to note that each piece will be numbered, so you will find “XX/70” on the caseback instead of just “one of seventy”. I know, there are fans of the latter version, but exact numbering adds even more collector value in my opinion.

Prim Spartak 70 Rear Side

Simple Classic

All those features are accompanied by leather strap. It comes from Brasnarstvi Tlusty – Czech accessories brand which is focused on leather things. Accessory is nice and easy to wear. It looks good coupled with watch white dial, whole combination just works together.

On Wrist

Case size is just 39mm, so this watch is easy to wear on your wrist. Moreover, case thickness is also reasonable, so I would say that model is shirt-friendly. Note that saphire glass has slight curve on the edges which adds visual interest to the dial. Well, it is also nice hint on the older watches which were produced 70 years ago.

Prim Spartak 70 – SOLD OUT!!!

As you remember, I wrote in the beginning that this watch is already sold out on official Prim website. There might be a small chance that you will see this watch on some ad websites, but it will be a huge luck. In my opinion, Czech watchmaker managed to gather its main values into one watch. Such Limited Editions are good in keeping their value, so let’s see what will happen here. 😉

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