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Casio G-Shock GBD-100 Review

This time we are going to talk about something digital. 🙂 This model is part of G-Squad line. I would say it is difficult not to notice the main features, here but let’s not jump to conclusions. There are also several other watches with the same screen, but today I want to talk about this runners’ tool for quite nice price. What is wrong and why you should pick this one or choose the more expensive one.
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In my opinion that is the one of the main things in the new GBD-100. Casio used Memory-in-Pixel (MIP LCD) technology here and it looks like completely different league. Just take any classic G-Shock and compare with GBD-100. It will be easy to understand what is so impressive about this part. Not only legibility is improved, but whole dial now looks way more “high-res” and fits more information.

White color on the black background make it legible even under bright sunlight. Moreover, note that it is not fully circular. If you would like to have more of screen space, I recommend to check G-Lide series which we will review soon. 🙂

Case and Buttons

Watch should be available in three color versions: white, blue and black. On the photos you can see blue edition. In my opinion that’s the most interesting out of three. Black is way too generic and white might be tricky in everyday use. I wonder how this white strap and case plastic would react to sweat during everyday jogging. My guess is that white color will go away quickly. Well, if you are brave enough, then white version might nice too. 🙂

Of course, case is plastic, therefore it is quite light, what feels surprising at first. Weight is clocked at 69g what is impressive for such watch. Well, this is original G-Shock feature, and new model is not different. Size is not that big compared with other models from Casio – 49.3mm and it was fine on my wrist. Water protection is set at 200m what should be enough for everyday use. I like the fact that Casio somehow stayed in reasonable borders here, and all writings look smooth with overall appearance.

Just like any G-Shock, this one features large buttons from both sides. Whole layout is classic, so old fans will be able to find their way through the menu. You might notice one big change here – GBD-100 features fifth button which might be used for starting countdowns or stopwatch or tracking steps and other stuff.


As you can guess, GBD-100 comes with urethane band. Its color varies depending on the color you choose for your watch. I have to note its surprising softness – it sits nicely on your wrist and doesn’t bother you with excessive pressure.

Buckle comes in contrasting color in white version only, what adds visual touch to the whole watch. Blue has matching part what is also a viable option. Of course, there are few writings as well, but can you imagine G-Shock without those? 😀 Note that special inserts will keep strap in o-ring shape, so you can’t put it flat on the table.

In Use

My main concern was about the size of this watch. 49.3mm sounds big, but in reality it is still wearable and I didn’t have any problem. Buttons have this nice edgy surface so it is easy to press them. I guess they will stay accessible even in gloves.

LCD is extremely legible and I like what they did here. New technology completely changes the perception of this watch, makes it a bit more…modern. 🙂 It is huge selling point in my opinion and you should definitely see it in action. Add here bluetooth connectivity and notifications feature, so in total you would have quite savy gadget on your wrist.

At the same time it won’t bother you with its weight or any other possible issues connected with size. I guess there is no need to say that such watch won’t fit under shirt sleeve, but who knows… As for colors, I think we will see more versions soon. Current blue and white options look great and might be a good alternative to conservative black one. Well, everyone should know that you have modern G-Shock, right?! 😀


I decided to put it into separate part because we all look at the higher tier model when buying something. Well, Casio GBD-100 is not an exclusion from this rule, and it has bigger brother – GBD-H1000. This model has two times higher price and offers a bit more autonomous functions set. There is built-in GPS as well as various sensors. There is now word if it supports connection of external sensors, but looks like watch can use only its own. There are also more colors offered – four and two new versions presented recently.

For that price you would get a bit more feature-packed watch with bigger size. Another thing you have to consider – a bit more energy-intensive platform, so you might even charge it from to time. Sounds more like some smartwatch, right? In my opinion, that is the beauty of GBD-100 – you don’t spend a lot and you get an actual watch not overloaded with functions/sensors. Moreover, it stays in reasonable size, what might be important for some of us.

Casio GBD-100 – Price and Availability

Price for new watch should be set at around 200USD, what makes it interesting choice for all fans of active sports. Unlike classic G-Shocks, this one features phone connectivity and can offer new tech inside. It looks modern, pleasure to use, so I think it has all the chances to become popular in its market segment.

If you are searching for durable sportwatch with reasonable price tag – GBD-100 can be a great choice. As for the more expensive model…I think it needs more detailed testing in order to understand if it’s worth the extra money.

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