Casio G-Shock GWB5600GZ-1 Gorillaz Edition Review

As you remember, I mentioned two watches in new Gorillaz Limited Edition. We checked one, so here is the second timepiece – Casio G-Shock GWB5600GZ-1. This pink-bluish edition caught my eye first. I am not sure why, but in comparison with green release, today’s watch looks a bit more attractive. Well, let’s take a look at what is offered inside.
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Casio G-Shock GWB5600GZ-1 Gorillaz Edition Watchface


The main difference is noticeable from the first sight. Green model mimics colors on the first album cover. Purple is actually a reference to recent release – “The Now Now” which came out in 2018. This one has album art exactly in the same color style. Casio managed to transfer this onto G-Shock watch without going to extremes. Yes, unlike GA-2000, this model has some writings on the strap. Those don’t look out of place, and help complete the image of the new edition.

Yes, there is “Now” written on one of the strap parts, but it will be barely seen on your wrist. On the other end Casio placed Gorillaz sign, so when you have watch on your wrist those two parts would read “Gorillaz NOW”. Nice small touch which will be greeted by fans of this famous band.

There is one more thing to mention. Take a careful look at watchface – do you notice anything? First of all there are new colors and Gorillaz sign. Second hint will require pressing backlight button. Back-lighting will actually expose “NOW” inscription all over watchface. This might be a useful feature for those who usually can’t decide on some things. 🙂

Worth Noting

Other than above mentioned extras, this watch is a classic GWB5600. It means we can expect all useful functions inside. Unlike GA-2000, you also get Bluetooth connectivity here. For some of you it might be a good selling point, I know.

I wonder why Casio decided not to modify buttons on this watch. It would be good to have some exclusive blue buttons for Casio G-Shock GWB5600GZ-1. Who knows, maybe such serious changes are saved for the next release.


Unlike in previous release, here we get only one strap. This is typical black rubber part with blue-pink elements on it. As it was mentioned, there are also several design additions which will remind you about Gorillaz edition. Note that here we get metal buckle, while GA-2000 had this part made out of plastic.

In Use

This watch is a complete opposite of what is offered in the first release. First of all, here we get digital dial which helps with reading time faster. Second, case is thinner what should influence on ease of wearing. As a third thing I would mention overall “sleekness” of the design. Somehow this watch looks more suitable for everyday use thanks to calm colors. I am sure this will be the main polarizing point, but that is a sign of the good design, right? 🙂

Packaging here is a bit simpler, maybe because we don’t get anything extra. GWB5600 comes in classic metal box which is finished in the same colors. My guess is that original circular pattern was more suitable for this type of packaging.

Casio G-Shock GWB5600GZ-1 – Price

New watch is available for 170USD – the same price as GA-2000. Yes, we don’t get extra bonuses here, but you can expect more functions instead. This model offers slightly different approach to dial and will have its own fans for sure. This is Limited Edition release, but there is no word on how many pieces will be released. The only thing I saw is that original website offers one watch per person. You better hurry up if you want to secure one watch for your collection. 😉

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