Rolls Royce Phantom 2017 – Finally!

Today’s article is dedicated to the titan everybody wants, but few can afford – Rolls Royce Phantom. This week English manufacturer presented completely new model, which doesn’t have anything common with predecessor (maybe “Spirit of Ecstasy” is the same), and that’s actually good thing, because now buyers have something more impressive than just rebadged S-class in form of Maybach.
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First of all it is hard to notice completely reworked design. Yes, overall silhouette is easily recognisable, but just take a look at that front part. To say that it’s mean is to severely underestimate overall appearance. I am happy that Rolls Royce designers calmed down after all those experiments on coupes and concepts and decided to do something clean and nice. Yes, clean is one of the main words in new Rolls Royce Phantom, and it adds to overall appearance, making it even more luxury-looking. Just take a look at those headlights and how they look together with traditional pantheon front grille. I guess some would even agree to have this grille as tombstone on their grave – it’s that much imposing.

Next thing is two-colored painting scheme, which highlights some of the lines on the phantom. Moreover, I would make it illegal to buy Rolls Royce Phantom without such paintjob – it’s a must if you would like to have even more expensive looking roller. Well, I doubt that any of target buyers tries to save money on such things, so, please, save our eyes by getting nice-looking “Rolls”.

Interior is slightly redesigned, but should be recognised even by ten year old, who just saw photo of the previous model’s dashboard. Nevertheless, even here Rolls Royce Phantom has something to offer. I think there is no sense to write all new things, because they will be modified by future owners. Well, who would want standard Rolls, right? Believe me, customisation possibilities are truly endless. The only thing that upsets me – digital dashboard, in my opinion this car deserves a bit of old-school touch just to save that connection with predecessors. No, analog watch (how about cooperation with watch manufacturer to make decent-looking piece?) on the dashboard won’t do it, and it actually looks weird in my humble opinion.

For tech part I can say two words – V12 and full wheel drive. Oh, and all four wheels steering, which should help with guiding 6 ton Rolls Royce Phantom into the next corner. All this mass can be accelerated to 100 km/h in slightly more than 5 seconds. Believe me, it should impressive to see that barge cutting through air with such reckless speed. All car fans know that guts for this car were developed in cooperation with BMW, so all latest tech should be here. I am also sure that soon we will see full electric version for those who would like to look rich and caring about environment (not rappers, right?).

Car should be available soon, but if you have enough money – just make a right call and choose your car. Please, don’t forget about two-colored paintjob on your Rolls Royce Phantom. πŸ˜‰

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