Premiere: Frederique Constant Classic Carree Ladies

Ladies watches do not appear on our web too often. Nevertheless, today we are going to talk about new Frederique Constant Classic Carree Ladies. This watch might be a good choice for those who search present for their second half. There are several special things inside, so let’s talk about them in detail.
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Square Classic

Square case shape is a something that will stay in class of its own. In my opinion every collection should have at least one model of such type. New release comes in such case and can be easily considered as luxury jewelry. Classic Carree comes in two versions which offer completely different styles.

Frederique Constant Classic Carree Ladies steel-gold version
Just look at this dial!

First one is finished in classy silver-gold combination together with stainless steel bracelet. Roman numerals on the dial add the fine touch together with guilloche decoration. All these things look elegant while combined together and it might be a good choice for ladies who don’t like leather straps. Nevertheless, there is one thing in the next version which might get them to reconsider opinion.

Gold crown adds a nice color touch to the design.

Leather and Stones

Yes, second variant comes with leather strap and also features stainless steel case. You will find 34 diamonds around the dial. Precious stones completely change the appearance and what was simple and elegant watch becomes high-fashion accessory. Watchface gets mother of pearl insert – fine element with roman numerals. Leather strap is a classic crocodile navy blue accessory which is more on dark shade of the color.

Just in Time

In my opinion those two models have all the chances to become a perfect gift for your second half. Both watches offer timeless design and it is good to see two opposite sides of the price scale. Diamond version doesn’t look over the board and definitely will have its own fans. Those two feature quartz inside, so it will be a better experience of just putting this watch on your wrist and wearing it. I guess your second half will appreciate this. Oh, prices start from 895 USD, while diamond version should be a bit more expensive.

Can you spot the differences?

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