Introducing: SYE MOT1ON

January is not the most active time in watch industry, but today we are going to talk about new SYE MOT1ON watches. Yes, there are two models which should be available quite soon. New brand aims at bringing something different in racing watches genre and giving more for less. Well, let’s jump straight to those pieces and see if they are worth our attention.
Here you can read about another unusual timepiece.
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Wrist Sculpture

Before somebody would say “another sports watch” I recommend to take a closer look at available photos. French brand decided to avoid mimicking any of the famous models and create something original. There is no doubt that watch aficionados will find something, but in my opinion simple non-chrono version looks great with dark dial.

You read it right – new model will come in “simple” and chronograph versions. Moreover, dial should be also supplied in two different colors – silver and black. I would bet on the dark version because somehow it amplifies the look of the watch. I hope it will be as good in person as it is on the photos.

Racing Design

I would say that it is a bit difficult to talk about design based on official promo photos. Nonetheless, great to see brushed steel instead of polished one. This is definitely one of the strong sides on the new watch. I like how smooth round shape is combined with sharp indices. It would be interesting to see how they work together in reality.

Another notable thing waiting to be tested – interchangeable straps system. Did you notice how flush both ends sit with case? Well it is thanks to the new system which locks everything in place with central screw. It sounds great, but looks like you will need special “key” in order to release everything. I wonder why it was decided not to use one of the classic screw designs…

UPDATE: SYE representatives wrote me that screw can be operated with standard torx screwdriver. Let’s wait for the real watch in order to test it.

SYE MOT1ON – Prices

Once again I remind that this is only a preview article based on information from press-release. I didn’t see any of new watches in person, so we have to wait until such chance. Price should be set at 500 EUR for the first 500 pieces. Manufacturer claims that later tag will be increased by 40%. Sounds like we have to hurry. 🙂

Asking such price for Miyota movement would bring new watch into a quite fierce competition. I can’t wait to see if this watch would make a worthy opponent to already existing choices.

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