Vertu Constellation 2017


Some of you might have heard the story about Vertu and what happened with this trademark. This phone trademark was owned by Nokia before, but today they are under different owners, and new Constellation will be the first handset issued with new partners. Phone from this manufacturer were considered as a mark of your status and very expensive style accessory and new model seems to follow this tradition.
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Newcomer is named as Constellation Touch and based on Android. There will be no games with other OS, and that should be appreciated by future owners. Now they are in the loop and can use all common applications, which are available on iPhone or Samsung Galaxy. Moreover, even in hardware we can see noticeable advancement, which will ensure proper features inside. Fingerprint on the front, good screen and appropriate camera – all those will make new phone a bit more usable, not just another “ringer” in your pocket.

Quite surprising is the choice of calm and warmcolors, which differ from brightness that we saw in previous model. Who knows, maybe we would see more in future limited editions? Another thing – absence of any interesting “complications” in the phone. I was really surprised to see that sim-card is placed on the insert like in iPhone, in other words there are no special doors or special pushers/levers. Let’s hope that such features will return in the new models, because otherwise there is nothing special except of hand assembly and special materials. If you pay more than 4000 USD, you can expect more, right? 🙂

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