Citizen Promaster Trilogy Baselworld 2017

On the exhibition BaselWorld 2017 Japanese watch company CITIZEN presented new line of professional sports watches called PROMASTER. The newcomers will be officially released only in the summer of 2017, but we collected all necessary info, and now ready to share them with you.
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New CITIZEN PROMASTER models will include 3 categories of professional sports watches – Marine, Land and Sky. In accordance with the name of models, watches are focused on specific customers and have a set of necessary functions for their category. For example, Marine category will focus on professional divers. Land category will appeal to fans of mountains and rock climbing. And Sky category should be interesting for pilots. In our opinion, each watch deserves special attention.

CITIZEN PROMASTER – Eco-Drive Professional Diver 1000m

First of all, we would like to talk about new model from the Marine category – Eco-Drive Professional Diver 1000m. This watch is oriented on professional divers and have all the necessary specs for this. Watch is made according to ISO standard for divers’ watches. Water-resistance here is set at 1000 meters.

Eco-Drive looks like extreme sports watch, but doesn’t have an aggressive look. This watch has large unidirectional bezel with a locking mechanism. The watch has powerful and sturdy case made out of Super Titanium. Diameter of case is equal to 52.5 mm and the thickness 21.4 mm. Movement mechanism – CalJ210 with an accuracy of up to 15 seconds in runs for about two-and-a-half years on a full charge, and comes with a power reserve indicator.

Watch features sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating and a luminescent covering of the dial and a bezel. When bezel lock is set to “free” position, the orange warning colour is shown to warn diver. Crown also features the same mechanism, revealing an orange colour between the case and crown to tell diver when crown is not correctly fixed into a lock mode.

Without doubt, this watch can be called as an excellent solution for professional divers. The watch has all the necessary functionality for working underwater as well as ability to withstand physical pressure. Eco-Drive Professional Diver 1000m will be available in the summer 2017 and cost 2.300 USD.


The second model, presented by CITIZEN, was the Eco-Drive Altichron watch. These watches belong to the Land category of professional Citizen Promaster watches.

New watch oriented on fans of mountain sports and climbing. Appearance-wise Altichron can be attributed not only to sports watches, but also to business watches. Case diameter is equal to 46 mm, and thickness is 14.4 mm. Case is made from stainless steel. Watch equipped with crystal glass and anti-reflective coating. Movement Cal.J280 features accuracy of 15 seconds per month. Dial is finsihed in black color with a luminescent coating.

Main features of this watch is altimeter which can measure from -300 meters (below sea level) to 10,000 meters above sea level. With all the information is displayed in analogue rather than digital format and there is no need to switch away from the all-important time display to check altitude or orientation.

Release of these watches will be in the summer 2017 and price shoud be fixed at 660 USD.


The latest model of the PROMASTER professional sports watch presented by CITIZEN is Satellite Wave GPS. This watch belongs to the category Sky and marketed as watch for pilots. In our opinion these watches deserve special attention for several reasons.

First of all, Satellite Wave GPS watch will be released as limited edition – only 700 pieces. Second, new model is presented not only as professional sports watch, but also as premium watch. Finally, Satellite Wave GPS is multifunctional watch with a dual display and chronograph function. This watch features GPS function with an accuracy of a signal up to 3 seconds.


Watch dial is brown and looks like dials in airplane cockpit. New watch is made out of a durable and sturdy Super Titanium with a Duratect gold coating, which is super-hard – Hv1,100 – 1,500. Case diameter – 47.1 mm, thickness is 14.6 mm. Watch is equipped with sapphire crystal and anti-reflective coating. Movement mechanism Cal.F900 features accuracy of 5 seconds per month. The watch has a GPS system, automatic timekeeping function and world time in the 40 cities.

As you can see, these watches represent a beautiful solution not only for pilots, but also for people whose life or work is associated with frequent flights and the need to change time zone. As well as the advanced models, this model will be launched in the summer of 2017. Price tag of this model will be fixed at 1650 USD.

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