Prague Audio Expo 2017 Overview (w/videos)

Today’s article is dedicated to Prague Audio Expo 2017, which took place this weekend. Frankly speaking I have never been on audio exhibitions, so it was interesting to see what’s new in audio world and how manufacturers can surprise us.
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Expo was held in hotel Giovanni in Prague. Organisers decided to dedicate separate rooms for Prague Audio Expo exhibitors. On the video you can see quite a typical picture – several rows of seats, speakers in front and people enjoying music.

Even though I like good audio, I don’t follow novelties, so I decided to start at Klipsch Audio stand, where they were displaying several models. Quite surprising was performance of middle class speakers (you can see them on the video), which provided truly impressive sound for reasonable price. Some expensive models from other companies were not as good as this pair of speakers.

Another interesting trend, which is present for quite some time and was obvious on Prague Audio Expo 2017 – Chinese manufacturers and their products. Forget about old stereotypes – those models sound good and feel like high-quality product. Moreover, several models were presented on Android, what gives you possibility to have more features in one device. Build quality of Fiio X5 is also good and can be compared with competitors. This model costs reasonable amount, especially if you take into account that it combines amp and high-res player.

Prague Audio Expo 2017 can be also considered as a perfect chance to try high-tier audio equipment, which is sold for 5-digit price tags. Some designs can turn those products into main thing in your flat/house.
I recommend you to watch videos, because there were many interesting things, and it’s better to hear and see them. Below you will find more photos from Prague Audio Expo 2017, enjoy.

Prague Audio Expo

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