Bell&Ross BR 03-92 FULL LUM – Green Madness

This watch comes just in the right time for those who wanted something special for Christmas. Let me introduce to you new Bell&Ross BR 03-92 FULL LUM. Yes, it should be written with Caps Lock on and I guess you couldn’t emphasize the main function of this watch. You might think that it is just the dial covered with lume. Well, no, let’s take a closer look together.
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Bright Instrument

Frankly speaking, after first teasers I expected to see special version of BR05. I guess, it is too soon to release special editions of that model, so we will have to wait a bit. Maybe next year? Nevertheless, here we have truly classic model with unusual finish.

Bell&Ross BR 03-92 FULL LUM - Day View

I guess designers decided to create the watch which will be easily noticeable on your wrist. There is no other explanation to FULL luminous layer cover over BR 03. Of course, case stays black, but take a look at the dial and strap. Those parts will be glowing green in dark. Superluminova coating adds nice milky white shade to dial and strap color. It somehow reminds of Star Wars droids, to be honest. Note that date window looks like a black hole in dark. Maybe such decision was taken because of small size of the that window.

Bell&Ross BR 03-92 FULL LUM - Night View

I don’t remember any similar design released in the past. Yes, there were full lume dials, but straps… This is something new. Of course it would be strange to change the strap on this edition. It makes new watch special, so I recommend to get BR 03-92 FULL LUM only if you like whole design. By this I mean not the classic dial, but overall look of the new watch. By the way, size of the strap is limited to one length – M. I wonder what thick wrists’ owners will have to do.


Other than Luminous layer there are no extra additions. You can expect beautiful 42mm black ceramic case with clean dial. Inside Bell&Ross installs BR-CAL 302 – well-known calibre which should be just right for the new Limited Edition.

Bell&Ross BR 03-92 FULL LUM – Availability

Price is set at 3500 EUR. Now comes important thing – new watch won’t be easy to get. From today you can preorder one piece. In total there will be only 250 pieces produced, and manufacturer set strict limit on the sell quotas. In other words, you should hurry if you want to get one, because it won’t be easy. As for me, I hope soon we will see the same treatment for BR05. 😉

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