Timex Giorgio Galli S1 Automatic Brings New Shape

Today we are going to talk about something new from the famous US brand. Timex Giorgio Galli S1 just came out officially, but it was expected a long time before. Should I even mention Instagram teaser images? 🙂 Whole idea sounds a bit unusual – take Timex philosophy and bring it to the possible maximum. Moreover, price is also higher than usual. Let’s take a look at what is offered to us.
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New Design

US brand decided to ask Milan-based designer Giorgio Galli to create a new vision of top-notch watch in whole product range. Italian style and classic watchmaker brand sound unusual to say the least. Instagram images and videos displayed unusual curves and that caught my interest immediately. Now take a look at photos. All those curves look amazing on images. Overall shape is not too sophisticated but features nice detail on the sides. Machined “cutouts” give impression of middle part inserted into case. Note that inside case comes with line pattern which adds visual interest and doesn’t look boring.

Nevertheless, dial stayed crystal clean and looks as simple as on classic Timex watch. Some people will like it, some will be surprised by such contrast with curvy case. To be fair, rear case cover features clear insert through which you can see automatic Miyota movement.

Timex Giorgio Galli S1 Rear Cover


Yes, strap here deserves separate mention. Designers decided to go a step further and create a bit different accessory. Result can be seen on the photos. There is no arguing that such system will be more reliable. The only question is for what you will need such fastening on designer watch? I highly doubt that you plan to go rock climbing with your new Timex Giorgio Galli S1. Note that strap features quickrelease system.

Price and Availability

Now the most interesting thing. New Timex watch will be sold for 450 USD. Yes, it is automatic and yes it features great design. Nevertheless it is also based on Miyota movement and it has got a lot of rivals in “under 500 USD” price range.

It should be interesting to see market reaction on this release. I am glad that some companies try to reimagine the classic design, so let’s hope this trend will continue.

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