Bell&Ross BR05 Hands On

First of all I have to admit that I waited for a meeting with Bell&Ross BR05 for quite a long time. Watch was presented this year, but I didn’t have a chance to play with new model. Well, I got my hands on silver version during recent SEW show and we can talk about it in detail.
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Almost all versions in one shot.
Take a look at this watch in action!

Edgy Steel

First of all this watch is made out of stainless steel. There is no surprise in this if you consider recent trends on the market. Luxury steel watches became trendy and here we have a perfect example. Famous brand decided to revise its design philosophy and add more edges to it. You can see final result on the photos.

There are several versions available, but I decided to pick the simplest one which embodies new design language. Nothing will distract you from the main cues on the case and dial.

Polished metal goodness on your wrist.

For me this watch looks like embodiment of Bell&Ross design philosophy. We don’t have any weird cues here, all lines are crystal clean and clear. Each edge looks in place. Nevertheless, here we don’t get full squarish timepiece. No, authors decided to “adjust” overall silhouette and now watch has rounded corners. Well, they are as rounded as they could be in product from this brand. πŸ™‚

Polished edges = fingerprint magnet…


It is interesting that with such simple and elegant design new BR05 still looks original. Your eye might catch some separate cues, but once you see this model, you know – it is a Bell&Ross creation. There is no space for mistake, and I consider it as a good feature. Nobody wants to buy watch for 5k and then realize that everybody confuses it with something else.

Case size here is mere 40mm what might be more suitable for some people. Not everybody has wrists wide enough for 46mm watches, right? Note that glass is slightly raised over case what adds another level to this watch.

It is important to understand that such effect is achieved with help of one small thing. Take a look at bracelet attachment. Yes, it is integrated here, and that’s important. Such design creates “smooth” look without any abrupt connections. It won’t be easy to find an aftermarket strap, but do you really need to? I have no doubt that Bell&Ross will offer us interesting strap options for BR05. For now I found nice blue silicone strap on the official web. πŸ˜‰

Bell&Ross BR05 Black Silicone Strap
Here you can see black silicone strap.
Buckle looks nice too.


Inside you will find BR-CAL.321 which is based on Selita. This is classic automatic movement which should be ok for everyday use. Of course, you can appreciate it through clear rear cover.

Bell&Ross BR05 – Metal Wonder?

As I wrote before, today there is a crazy demand for stainless watches on the market. All “mainstream” brands are overbooked, sold out and overpriced. I see new Bell&Ross BR05 as the perfect chance to catch a beautiful watch while you can.

Bell&Ross BR05 Dial Photo
Just look at that dial!

In my opinion we get here everything needed for such price tag. I can bet that you won’t be disappointed by this model, especially if you like metal bracelets on your watches. πŸ˜‰ The only thing I am interested to see is how BR05 fares in everyday life. In other words, long-term test needed.
By the way, you can get this watch in Beny shop just by clicking here.

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