Alpina Startimer Pilot Heritage Goes One Button

New Alpina Startimer Pilot Heritage has all the chances to become one of “2019 watches”. What trends do we have this year? Classic design – check, unusual complication – check, affordable price – check. Well, let’s not spoil all of the features and talk about them in a more detailed way.
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Vintage or Modern?

First and main thing here is the design of this watch. Instead of some weird shapes and materials we get nice brushed stainless steel case. Moreover, it mimics classic 60-70’s watches what is impossible not to like. I mean all the brands are going vintage those days, but it is not easy to nail the right look. Alpina designers obviously succeeded in this and I am looking forward to see those watches in person. Note that one button was present in old watch too, so this is not something new. Still it is cool that creators decided to replicate it.

I am bit worried about polished edges of this watch. You know, scratches and stuff. Combination between polished and brushed surfaces visually separates “layers” of the watch and make it lighter. Moreover, there is only one color option for the watch “body” and no black, gold or any other color shades.

Sole Button

My guess is that single pusher on this watch will be quite nice showstopper. Yes, this is still classic chronogrpah watch with possible measuring of 30 minutes interval. Inside you will find AL-727 automatic caliber with 55 hours reserve. I guess it should be more than enough for everyday use.

Maybe I am blind, but I didn’t find date window which is advertised in press release. In my opinion windowless appearance is better because design looks clean. This is just 42 mm watch, so less stuff on the dial is actually better.


Note that all version come with leather strap only. I don’t know why, but my mind imagines this model with some classic metal bracelet. Maybe rally strap would look good too. Original offering looks nice but it just begs for something more sophisiticated…

Well, nobody stops you from installing your favorite type. 😉

Watch of the Year?

New Alpina Startimer Pilot Heritage should be available in three colors – silver and two types of blue shade (different outer ring color). Those are classic choices, but what about “panda” dial on this watch? I guess Alpina will release more versions in the future, so we can just wait. As for now, I am happy that more and more watchmakers re-introduce their classic designs. Some of those are not that nice, but today’s watch is definitely in the “nice” group and worth considering. 😉

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