Alpina AlpinerX Space Edition Goes Higher

Swiss watchmaker decided to launch its watch in space. Yes, there is no mistake in the first sentence, and today we are going to talk about Alpina AlpinerX Space Edition. This new Limited Series should commemorate such unusual event. Oh, it also marks 50th anniversary of landing on the Moon, so let’s take a closer look.
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Higher than Mountains

First of all I would like to talk a bit about “lifting event itself”. Yes, real watch was lifted at 33973 meters height and then returned back to Earth. Whole process was filmed and you can find photos on official watchmaker website. Well, AlpinerX has altimeter function, so it might be the highest level such watch ever reached. It is interesting to note that whole trip took just 3 hours!

For this unusual event Alpina decided to create a special edition of its AlpinerX watch. It comes in dark blue color and will be limited to 299 pieces only. The back case features special engraving which also commemorates such special occasion. As far as I understood, all internals are just the same as in the original version. Moreover, there are no hints on the dial, so only those who know will notice you having a rare watch. For some collectors it might be a good selling point, I guess…

Alpina AlpinerX Space Edition Rear Cover
Rear cover with moon engraving

Alpina AlpinerX Space Edition – When?

Reference for this model is AL-283SEN5NAQ6. Note that watch comes with leather strap in navy blue color. I would recommend to get a silicone or textile replacement in order to get even more streamlined look. Watch should be available for order immediately, so there is no time to waste if you would like to get one. Yes, it is just new color scheme on well-known watch, but we all want some special touch, right? Here it is not that prominent and that might be a good selling point for a future owner. 😉

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