Alpina AlpinerX Red Bull Air Race ‘Team 99’ Comes in Yellow

Well, I promised you that this week will be featuring new Limited Editions? Here is quite interesting one – Alpina AlpinerX Red Bull Air Race ‘Team 99’. I hope you’ve heard news about famous aircraft race. Newcomer celebrates last year of this event and comes in limited amount. Watchmaker claims that all changes were co-designed together with pilot Mike Goulian, so let’s check what he added to classic AlpinerX.
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10-08, huh?

Yellow Only

The most noticeable change here is addition of the new color. Light yellow is featured on the inner ring as well as on the rubber strap. I like how it blends in the overall design. Such color shade doesn’t look out of the place, but it is quite bright. Definitely not the watch to wear with your suit. 😉 The same color also outlines both hour and minutes hands. Add black to the mix and you will get quite nice-looking combo. It is not difficult to guess that this shade mimics new paintwork on Goulian’s aircraft.

AlpinerX Dial Close Up Shot
Logo comes in nice grey shade

I appreciate that designers and Mike didn’t go overboard with some crazy design additions. Nope, here the only thing that reminds of pilot’s team is the logo on the dial. Even this thing comes in grayish tone and doesn’t pop out from the dial. Bonus point for this. Logo and number engraving on the caseback can be considered as the nice bonus to look at. 🙂

Number is hidden in the lower part


I would like to remind that AlpinerX is not a simple watch. This timepiece can be connected to your phone in order to receive special information from original application. Moreover, Alpina watch is able to show you the heart rate info over BLE connection. All this is packed without being way to geeky and such styling makes new watch even more attractive.

You can see the new color on the photo.

Alpina AlpinerX Red Bull Air Race ‘Team 99’ – Price?

New model comes in limited amount. There will be only 250 piece produced, so it is better to hurry if you want to get one. Price is set at quite reasonable amount – 995 USD. In my opinion it is fine price for Swiss watch with useful smart functions inside. Add here special version and it will sweeten the deal.

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