Tag Heuer Connected Modular on Baselworld 2017

This time we are happy to tell you about new Tag Heuer Connected Modular, which was available on Baselworld 2017. We wrote small preview right after its premiere, which happened several days before, but this time it was possible to try real watch and see how modelar system works.
First smartwatch from Tag Heuer was quite surprising, or maybe even shocking for everyone, because Swiss watchmaker was moving into rival area. It was even more “special” because many analytics were predicting that new devices will eat market share from classic timepieces. Well, it’s already 2017 and we still wearing automatic and quartz watches, while smartwatches can be seen on those who like “techy” things.
From the other side, once you try to use wrist device paired with your phone, you will get used to its functions. Tag Heuer decided to choose Android Wear for its creation, and first generation was one of the most expensive watches on this platform. Well, ne one won’t change this situation, but it can surprise you with several things.
Those who read preview would know that newcomer is modular. This words means almost endless configuration possibilities, which will make it possible to get the most weird color and material combinations. I guess rappers will be happy to see diamonds and bright colors, but it’s not as important as possibility to upgrade your configuration once you get tired of it. I recommend you to watch the video, so that you would know how parts can be changed.
Second important thing is that now you can buy smartwatch together with automatic or even chrono module. Those can be changed with smart module in few seconds, and you will have classic watch on your wrist. Of course price will be even higher, but that might be a good combo to buy.
Third point is that you can even customize dials right on the watch. You choose almost any feature in order to get the watchface you like. Should I mention that they copy classic Tag Heuer models? I think that might be a good selling point as well, because one day you can wear Carrera, and next it will be Monaco. Of course you can also upload some dials from Android Market, but who would do it? :/
I have to say that in person watch is quite large. Once you put it on your wrist, it won’t slide under shirt sleeve, so I recommend to try it first before ordering. Moreover, buckle is also finished in large style and looks imposing. I can even consider it as one of the main elements in overall watch design.
Watch was created in cooperation with Intel, so there should be even longer battery life and better performance, and I didn’t encounter any lags while trying it. Android Wear here is almost in stock form except of dials, so if you’ve had experience with these before, new model should look familiar to you.

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