Sinn 936 Review

This article continues series of Baselworld 2018 reports. Today we are going to talk about Sinn 936. Some of you might guess that “extra” hundred in the name means extra functions. Well, here we get chronograph features, and this model comes as companion to 836. Both watches were presented in Basel, and now we are ready to share our impressions.
By the way, here you can read review with Sinn 836.
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Cold Steel

New model continues line of watches with minimalistic design. Main feature here – case made with Tegiment technology. It can be easily traced by matte finish of the main body. Of course, Tegiment will protect Sinn 936 from scratches. It is original technology from German watchmaker, and I am sure it will come handy in everyday use. Another notable feature – Magnetic Field Protection, which should preserve your watch from unwanted magnetic influence. Those two features comes as main feature for Sinn 936, and there is no doubt that they will be useful.

Two More

Sinn 936 comes in chrono disguise, and you can trace it by two subdials placed on “3” (60 second scale) and “9” (running seconds) marks. Note that they also have special finish, which is different from the main dial. Central groove adds nice shimmering effect when you check this watch under bright light. Only two dials make new watch looks different from typical three-dial chronos. Nevertheless, here you will get all basic functions for such type. New model comes with SZ05 movement inside, which might be familiar to some watch fans. Two pushers don’t break overall image and suit style of the new watch.


I had a chance to play with both versions – Sinn 936 with metal bracelet and leather strap. Metal bracelet looks as single piece assembly together with watch case. In my opinion it is definition of German design and should look equally good with business suit or your faded t-shirt. Nevertheless, black leather strap with red stitching adds small hint of color to this model. Don’t worry, it isn’t that bright, but still nice to have some deviation from single-color scheme. Moreover, while silver shade dominates with metal version, leather brings more toned-down look, which doesn’t pop into your eyes. Frankly speaking, I won’t say for sure which version I like more, so it’s better to try both in person.

What I can agree on – decent weight. Sinn 936 is noticeable on your wrist, so don’t expect something light and tiny. This is proper toolwatch for everyday use. Men’s toy, which has distinct presence physically and style-wise. I am sure that some buyers will fall in love with such design. Case thickness equals to 15 mm and diameter is 43 mm. It might sound like reasonable numbers, but I won’t recommend this watch to guys with thin wrists.

Sinn 936 – Price

New watch comes as a nice traditional model from German watchmaker. Take one look at it and you will instantly know that this is Sinn timepiece. Great build quality and clean calm design make this model perfect candidate for everyday wear. Nevertheless, be sure to try both strap versions, because color combination completely changes perception. As for the price tag, it will be set at 2000 EUR.

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