Venom #3 1:25 – In Cates We Trust

Another comicbook investing article and again it is dedicated to book from Donny Cates – Venom #3 1:25. Straightaway I would like to note that book is released already and you will have to search thoroughly in order to get attractive price. Nevertheless, I still consider it as worth spending your money on because it contains first appearance of quite important character. Let’s take a closer look at it. If you are lazy to read, there is a video above with detailed look at the new book.
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First Knull

You can see his name above. This is new character, and first appearance comes in Venom #3. Knull (is it me, or this guy really looks like Arthas from War Craft 3?) is the venoms’ god, and that might sound quite unusual. Well, we were just introduced to this character, so I have no idea what awaits us in the future. Nevertheless, this guy is able to control all venom creatures and can easily tear up your nice black suite.

My guess is that this character is here to stay, and Cates will definitely use him in future titles. Note that this guy is not present on earth, but somehow destroys things and does all bad things you can imagine. Should I even mention that Miles couldn’t do anything against Knull? 😉
I am quite amazed that Donny is not afraid to take such huge leaps on established universe and introduce big guys. All those actions make first three books of new Venom run valuable to collectors. Moreover, there might be even chance to see separate series with Knull in the main role.

Number Three

There were hints about first appearance in the third issue, but I decided to ignore them because new heroes were introduced almost every issue. Well, look at the prices! There are only two covers available and standard version already sells 3x-4x higher than standard cover price. Moreover, this wasn’t a gradual price jump – numbers went up instantly, and I doubt that they will go down anytime soon. Add here white color on standard cover, and you will understand why it will difficult to get decent Near Mint book.

Venom #3 1:25 makes things even more difficult because it is finished in all-black color with venom flying on its cover. Should I remind you about color rubs and other issue which happen with such covers? If you forgot about it – look at Thanos #13 1:25 (looks like interesting similarity, right?).

Venom #3 1:25 – How Much?

Presale prices were quite high, but what you can see right now is a completely different situations. Don’t expect to get Near Mint variant cover for less than 100$. I wonder what will be the price level for CGC slabbed copy in 9.8. 😀 Another option – standard cover, which looks more reasonable in comparison with variant cover. Nevertheless, keep in mind that it is less rare and therefore less valuable in the long run. Thing to remember – standard cover will be issued in black-and-white style for comic con edition. What I would recommend to stay away from – various “special store variants”. Yes, those might look great, but I doubt that they will hold value.

Stay Tuned

In my opinion, Cates just warms up with those three books, and there will be even more unusual things happening in the following issues. Miles Morales is also here, so things might get hotter with time. Well, it is great to see young author who is not afraid to bring changes into Marvel universe, so I am looking forward to read Venom #4. 😉

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