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Sinn 836 Hands On

This time we have a chance to talk about another fresh release from German watchmaker. Sinn 836 comes as minimalistic offering for those who would like to have simple watch. Well, simple is underestimation of this watch, but it offers clean design with only necessary functions inside. This is a new version, and we had a chance to play with it. Well, let’s check it closer together.
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Word above clearly indicates on what was the main focus in this model. Take a look at the dial, and you will find clean design with three hands. No extra functions and complications. Well, we all had those situations when you want to lift your wrist and see there something easy to read, but stylish at the same time. Sinn 836 offers good chance to have such watch in your collection.

White indices create nice contrast with black dial. Moreover, those are covered with luminous material, what should look good in the dark. Note that even different writings are reduced to possible minimum, and this watch looks clean and sharp. The only contrasting thing on the dial – seconds hand, which is finished in red. In my opinion it reminds of sportcars speedometers, but some of you might have different thoughts of course. 🙂

Instrumental Watch

It would be strange to get watch with just three hands and nothing extra. Sinn 836 has something in its sleeve. Well, not sleeve, because it is easy to see, but this function will be handy for sure. Case made with Tegiment coating technology, what can be easily recognized by matte surface. Such finish should help owner keep watch in nice condition and avoid scratches. Magnetic Field Protection is also here. In other words, behind simple, stealth-like appearance we get plenty of advanced features. I am also happy to see that Frankfurt watchmaker decided to add their special technologies into this watch.

Hands On

Main beauty of the new model is in its simplicity, and I can say that it still manages to impress. As it was written before, dial surprisingly easy to read. Moreover, case lines are streamlined and easy to wear on your wrist. Well, it is no surprise if you remember that thickness equals to 10,6 mm and diameter fixed at 43 mm. I have to note that due to simple design watch still looks big, but it is only illusion. Of course, black dial should be suitable to any outfit and would sit equally good with white shirt or some crazy colored hoodie.

You can also expect several strap types – two leather options and one metal. Black leather with red stitching brings simplicity to the maximum. Moreover, it is made out of nice soft leather, which is comfortable to wear. Metal bracelet feels good too, but it changes watch image to minimalistic tool-like look, which is more “serious” in comparison with leather option.

Sinn 836 – Price

Even though new model might look simple, it is brilliant in being low-profile. This watch will definitely work good as everyday choice and you won’t have problems with scratched and scuffed case. Nevertheless, don’t expect cheap price tag, because Sinn 836 will come around 2500 EUR. In my opinion it is decent level for life-proof watch with German quality. Just be sure to choose the right strap for your style. 😉

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