Marvel Journey into Unknown Worlds Review

Today’s article is the first read review about Journey into Unknown Worlds from Marvel. This is so-called one shot, so you don’t have to have some reading background in order to understand what is happening inside. Moreover, Marvel celebrates its anniversary with this book, so it is interesting to see what is actually hidden inside. There are actually several stories inside, so let’s check them closer. Beware – spoilers ahead!!!
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Portion of Nostalgia

On the first pages you are met with art which will remind you about classic Marvel issues. Authors decided not to mess around and bring some suspense right in the beginning. Yeah, many of you might say that idea of unknown alien is not that new. What about alien that increases you?

Well, that is not exact definition, but I think here it is important to see with your own eyes. The end of the first story might surprise you with its abruptness, but I think there is thin parallel or hint on what we have in real life. Species which are searching for proof of their fatalism – reminds of something, doesn’t it?



Camp Time

Second story is not that rapid in actions, and we get introduced to boys’ camp. Here I would say that we get classic “”transformation” story. Again, I leave it up to you to see what actually happens with main hero.

End of the story is quite unexpected, classic but still working method. I wouldn’t say that it will surprise “experienced” horror fans, but it is fine in my opinion.


On the final pages you will be met with note from James Beard about science fiction and Marvel. For true fans there won’t be any surprise with all the titles mentioned there. It is funny when you see what was horrifying for readers back in good old times. Nevertheless, after today’s book I wonder why Marvel won’t introduce horrors into its books list. Journey into Unknown Worlds looks like a good start for a series of books with some thrilling stories. Some of them might look naive, but it is still nice to read some horror stories before sleep, right? New book shows that old methods still work, especially when combined with nice artwork.

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