Venom #1 – Straight First

New Venom #1 is already out and available for purchase. We went through this comicbook and now ready to share with you our impressions. This restart is written by Donny Cates, so we can expect many surprises ahead. Well, let’s not talk about future – there are several interesting things straightaway in the first book! Let me explain what are those.
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Complete Rework

Frankly speaking I wasn’t a huge Venom fan before. Yeah, cool character and all, but current books were somewhat plain. It is important to say that at least covers were cool from time to time. Well, now we got another “reload” with Venom #1. No worries, Marvel promised to keep legacy numbering, so you won’t be lost in timeline. Nevertheless, even if you start from this book, it should be quite engaging. As I wrote before, book is already available, and you can choose out of plethora of variants. Nevertheless, be aware that shop exclusives will be delayed due to printing error, so now we stay with original ratio covers.

Ok, as for the story, I will try to avoid possible spoilers, because it is always interesting to read it yourself. Just be advised that straight in the first book you will get several first appearances. Frankly speaking, it is difficult to say which one will be used in the future, but knowing Cates (who announced that he worked deeply on this series), you can stay sure that at least one will be used for the series (yes, I am looking at you, Cosmic Ghost Rider). Of course, another traditional “feature” for this writer – cameo on the last page. Well, I hope those facts will convince you that Venom #1 might have a good future. Add here growing obsession with all Venom, which will be ignited by movie release, and you get even more reasons to get your copy asap. Oh, and look at the pic, if you want to guess what’s new. This red color will definitely bring something interesting. By the way, this pic will be also featured on the second print cover. 🙂

Venom #1 – Which One?

For investing purposes I would recommend to shoot straightaway for 1:100 cover. It’s Stegman virgin, which is finished in all-black, so finding a decent NM book for grading might be an adventure. I think some of you might remember nasty color rubs on Thanos #13 1:25… Nevertheless, price-wise it is the smartest purchase at the moment, so don’t waste your time!

Some people also mentioned Campbell variant, but those fingers…oh well… I would look at Young Guns variant, but keep in mind that it is not a ratio variant, so it should be quite cheap and easily available. Stay tuned for more information interesting developments in comicbooks, which are worth spending your money. 😉

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