Thanos 15 – Dark Surfer Appearance?

Ok, I can say straightaway, that such articles will come in the future, so if you are looking to invest into something, check this. Yes, those are comicbooks, and they carry not only interesting stories, but also great investing value. Today we are going to talk about fresh Thanos 15 and why you need it in your collection.
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Thanos 15 cover

Many Heroes

It looks like Donny Cates decided to take a serious approach to storyline of current Thanos series. First he introduced new character which made everybody go crazy – Cosmic Ghost Rider. Even though some might say that such name sounds silly, it is quite cool guy. Moreover, his first appearance happened in #13, and it is steadily stays at $10-20 mark. Well, those are numbers for “simple editions”. Take a look at Albuquerque Variant of the same issue. Surprised? Recent sales hit $150 mark, and there are still no slabbed copies on eBay. Such situation shows that CGC books will go around $300-400! Just think of it, for that amount you can get nice key from both big publishers.

Now we can move to Thanos 15. What is so important about it? First of all, it reveals who is Cosmic Ghost Rider. I guess there is no need to write spoilers and you can easily find it yourself. Small notable fact is that Thanos doesn’t shake hands with him, so he knew about actual origin of Cosmic Ghost Rider? Well, that’s one important thing, but there is another one – on the last page. Name of the article is already spoiler, so I apologise if you haven’t read new book yet. Yes, it is Dark Surfer or Black Surfer, whatever you like more. I think that it is a first appearance of this hero, and it is definitely not a Silver Surfer. Well, he is even named as “Fallen One”. Next issue will tell us more, but small pictures with Galactus hint us on something interesting in following books. Moreover, author will tell us more about how Cosmic Ghost Rider became himself. 😉

Next Big Thing?

Of course, we need to wait for the new book to come out in order to know if we can consider that surfer as a new character. For now Thanos 15 goes around $10-15 on eBay and you might find it in your comic shop as well. I was surprised to see that even Forbidden Planet has it sold out. By the way, there are no variant covers, only one standard with Thanos and his dog. 😉 Well, final decision is up to you, but something hints to me that #15 and #16 will have great value as well.

P.S.: look at cover for #17 issue – that’s a definitely Black Surfer. 🙂

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