Citizen Marvel Limited Edition Reminds of Childhood

New Citizen Marvel Limited Edition watches come as one of the most surprising announcements on recent New York Comiccon. We’ve seen Captain Marvel release from the same brand, but in my opinion new edition looks even better. There will be two watches, each commemorating different topic. Let’s take a closer look at them.
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Hey, cap Marvel is back?!

Anniversary One

First watch is dedicated to anniversary of the famous comicbook publisher. Well, this edition is named as Citizen Limited Edition Marvel 80th Anniversary. It might be a long name, but look at this watch! Dial is finished in dark matte blue with various Marvel logos imprinted on it. It looks unusual on the photos and definitely worth checking in person. Another neat addition – digits on the dial which are finished in traditional comicbook font. It might look a bit off on the first sight, but then everything clicks together and you get nice solid appearance. I am not sure about dark top part though. Maybe it would be way cooler to make whole watch in black color?

Marvel 80th Anniversary watch will be limited to 1939 pieces only. Well, I hope you get the hint and if not – this number is the year when publisher was founded. I wonder what is the price of their first comicbook now? πŸ™‚

Titanium bracelet looks good

Spidey Time!

Citizen Marvel Limited Edition won’t be complete without special version dedicated to Spider-Man. This is one of the most well-known superheroes from Marvel, so there is no surprise that one of the watches named as Limited Edition Spider-Man. Not that unexpected, I know, but design looks nice. On the dial you will find several iconic covers with original one highlighted in color. Here we get classic black-red combo which hints on web-swinging superhero. Again, whole case is finished in silver metal.

Case shape works with that dial

What I would like to ask – why there is no web on the rear cover?!!! Come on, this idea is so obvious and would look so neat, but here we get just the pic of spidey and serial number. Yes, both watches will be numbered. Spider-Man watch should be limited to 1962 pieces. Again, number hints on when the hero was born.

Yep, definitely no web here…

Citizen Marvel Limited Edition – Price?

Another surprising thing is the pricing for both watches. Marvel Anniversary version will have 495 USD on the price tag. Spider-Man watch should be a bit cheaper – 450 USD. In my opinion this is quite reasonable price for Limited Edition watch especially if you are fan of the famous comicbook brand. Don’t forget about recent success of Avengers and Spider-Man movies – I think new watches will be sold out fast, so you should hurry. πŸ˜‰

Do you see ant-man on this photo?

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